I’ve had my eyes on these curtains made from canvas drop cloths since I first saw them on another design blog. Since then, I’ve seen them pop up on at least 10 others! I love the idea of using things for purposes beyond what they were made for. Also, depending on what quality and length curtains you like, these can be cheaper than purchased ones. Check out these from fellow DIYer MoodyGirl.

I’m in the process of a bedroom re-do (shocker!) and one of the things that’s been bothering me is that we originally hung the curtains too low and narrow. I’ve since bribed asked my husband to fix them for me (he’s sooo much more patient when it comes to hanging things- measuring and leveling are just not my strengths.) Now our curtains are too short! Not only that, but I’m bored of the blue color which also happens to heavily influence the design of the room. Canvas curtains will open up my options much more. Stay tuned for my project update!

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