In our new cozy balcony corner. After repainting the Baker’s Rack yesterday, I decluttered the other half of the space and created a relaxing place to read or just sunbathe. I added a planter with some over the deck railings to enhance the corner, perhaps I’ll add more with herbs (since it’s right off the kitchen).

Mike actually built that Adirondack chair, he’s an excellent carpenter! We sanded and painted it a soft olive color, I think it looks great against the wood and gray vinyl siding.

Overall it’s a huge improvement to our “throw anything waterproof out there” approach. In fact, I love it so much that I’m currently blogging from that very chair. Ahhhh

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  1. Marin

    Wow, I’m impressed that your hubby built the adirondack chair! It looks great, and I love the color.


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