If you remember, I mentioned in this post about how I wanted to repaint my living room.

rearranged living room

I agonized over colors…the red couch is not so easy to work with, despite the guy at Benjamin Moore insisting that it was versatile. I decided on “Nimbus Cloud” and a friend offered to help me paint. The plan was to paint the two olive walls, and extend color to the foyer which was tan.

Here’s where it all went wrong. I knew with the first stroke of the brush that I hated Nimbus Cloud. However, paint can’t be returned, and I thought that maybe I’d like it more when it dried and cured. So we continued on. The next morning, I still hated the color. The nice subtle blue gray on the swatch was sky blue on my walls.

It turns out that those little samples they can mix up for you and Lowes and Home Depot actually have a purpose.

Totally annoyed at my stupidity, I went back and got more swatches, taped them up, and decided on 2 colors to get samples of: Glidden’s Wood Smoke and Slate Green. I put them up on the walls in 4 different locations and this morning decided on the Slate Green. Here’s a little peek!

New Living Room PaintSlate Green Paint

It’s still a little bluer than I thought it would be, but I do like it. I love that it feels rich and saturated, but much brighter than the olive color that was there before! Now I just need to decide on a color for the rest of the tan walls…

On another note…what do you think about the couch pillows? I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I just wanted to experiment with the look.

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  1. Sandy Walters

    that color looks great! Really like the other color pillow on the couch…it updates it

    which wall are you using for the tea shelf. I would use smaller wall so it doesn’t get lost

  2. Rachael

    Thanks, I think the color turned out well. I am starting to dig the pillows, it helps break up the red and since I can’t really slipcover the couch at least I can change the pillows!

    The tea shelf is going in the kitchen, on the wall next to the pantry. Right now we have a wine rack on that wall but I think I can move that to the dining room in between the balcony door and the window.

  3. Woah, That’s GREEN.

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