Remember awhile back when I posted about this drool worthy tea shelf. I love the idea of having gorgeous tea blends on display. Since we recently became the proud owners of a Keurig machine, I’d really like to turn the tea shelf into a general hot beverage station, if you will. How awesome would it be to have guests over for brunch and offer them several choices of gourmet coffee or tea? You know I love to be the hostest with the mostest. So, I began gathering supplies.

Coffee and Tea Shelf

At first I thought that I should make shelves. But, after investigating what’s involved in making a floating shelf, I figured that two 24″ $9.99 Target shelves would save time and money. Next up, the totally awesome set of mugs I scored at Ross for $4.99. I would need a way to attach them, so I picked up a pack of bronze screw in hooks at Target for around $3 (and there are TONS in there). Also at Target, I saw these cute little containers with airtight closures. Two different sized apothecary jars from Walmart hold some tea I had on hand. I plan to purchase a reusable Kcup for use with loose leaf teas (and coffee if we feel like it).

I can’t wait to get these up and styled with some posh blends!

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