There is definitely something to be said for neutrals. I have learned over the past few years of decorating the house that neutrals can be just as interesting as big bold colors. Over time, your tastes may change, and that once oh-so-lovable bright colored piece of furniture will now stick out like a sore thumb.

Remember our big red couch?

I had grown tired of its subtle chenille pattern, and it had grown tired of us. Abused by our animals when they were little, it had turned into nothing more than a large dog bed. I was yearning for something more sophisticated to fit in with our newly redecorated room. I still wanted to maintain a relaxing casual space (as opposed to a formal sitting room), so I turned to Craigslist to find a replacement.

After a few weeks of hunting and inquiries (and some disappointments), I came across an ad for a queen size sleeper couch. I was immediately interested since I had always wanted to have a sleeper sofa, you know, just in case. I was lucky the seller had a attached a picture, which looked nice, so I emailed straight away for approximate dimensions.

The couch was a little shorter than our red one, which is a bonus since the extra floor space would allow room for a reading light. I was getting pretty excited about getting a new couch, so I made an appointment to see it. In person it was just as lovely, it even has nail head detailing. I loved that the back cushions are attached, a feature I never would have thought about before. It’s amazing how you can really learn what works and what doesn’t! I was really digging the couch and ready to take it home, but we needed a pickup truck. Thanks to a friend, we came back the next day for it in her dad’s truck.

$150 later, we have a whole new look.

From far away it looks like a textured tan color, but up close you can see a subtle pattern which includes some navy and olive. Sure I might have preferred a plain tan microfiber couch, but for $150 this sleeper sofa was a clear winner.

Now to keep my pack of unruly beasts from destroying it!

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  1. Katy Lyons

    The great thing about neutrals too is that you can put the occasional bright color in through a pillow, throw or even complement the coffee/end tables with a colorful lamp or vase of flowers. Neutrals are complimentary!!!


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