When it comes to kitchen storage, is open better?

Or, maybe you prefer traditional cabinet boxes with glass fronts?

Maybe baskets help to strike a balance between bearing all and a little privacy?

Or, is the thought of having no space to hide clutter so terrifying that full coverage is the only way to go?

With so many options these days, how do you even decide? Maybe it’s best to mix and match. Whatever you choose, let your kitchen reflect your style and what works for your family. If you’re currently hiding clutter in your cabinets, maybe pulling off all those doors is not a great plan-but, you could try just one to add interest. Or, put up some wall shelving to display dishes or glassware. Have a nice set of pots and pans? Hang a rack from the ceiling to show them off.

One thing is for sure- kitchens are becoming more than just a place to cook, so treat it as you would any other room in your house, and let it reflect your personality!

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