When it comes to making your home more environmentally friendly, there are plenty of cheap and easy things you can do that can have a big green impact- for both the planet and your wallet. We’ve already talked about installing a programmable thermostat, so now I want to introduce you to another easy install we’ve done recently: the duel flush mechanism.

Basically this is a kit you can buy at your local home improvement store that will run you about $20. It has simple instructions, so I won’t bore you with those here except to say that it took us less than 10 minutes start to finish. After a few adjustments, we were rocking our new space age toilet. Press the single droplet for errrrr…. liquid and the double droplet for when you really need to get the job done.

So there you have it, two ways you can put more green back in your pockets and on the earth. Have any of you installed any green mods lately?

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