You may have read about my recent kitchen painting project, during which I discovered the most perfect shade of white: Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Since I had some left over, I decided to finally give my boring particle board nightstand a new look.

Now, admittedly I’d already done this once and it didn’t go well. Before I became the super style diva that I am (giggle), I went through this awkward chocolate/teal Asian phase. You may have noticed it when I showed you the before picture of my dresser. I had to paint the nightstand to match, of course.

And you guessed it, Mike is still rocking the tall chest version of my bamboo-zeled style. I won’t show you that now, but rest assured it’s on the list of things to do.

As you can see from the picture above, the nightstand has one of those pseudo-double-drawer-divider-line thingies, complete with a superfluous knob (it’s just flowing like water, folks). I decided to streamline the whole look, so I whipped out my trusty wood filler and went to town after roughing up the surface with some sandpaper. There’s a tutorial here from a similar project, if you want the deets.

After a coat of primer and 3 coats of paint (sanding lightly in between), I installed a cute little glass knob and that’s a wrap! I love how it brightens up the corner that used to be so dull. I also stole the tall lamp from our guest room because I thought it looked better with the new color. Too bad, mom.

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