I don’t know about where you are, but it got really cold here really fast. Even though winter is not technically upon us yet, the colder weather and typical post-Thanksgiving Christmas craze pushed me over the edge.

In honor of my favorite season, I’d like to share my fall foyer buffet before we transform it for winter!

Bittersweet nestled between small pumpkins on the burlap runner oozes seasonal beauty. For more natural charm, I surrounded a pillar candle with corks in a trifle dish.  A leafy tea light holder and a bunch of dried floral complete the look. This is probably one of my favorite arrangements for the buffet since we got it about a year ago. I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’m looking forward to trying some new things for winter.

Stay tuned for a Holiday Decorating special!

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  1. Suzy

    Thanks for stopping by! So I’m not crazy for not being able to find silver & blue? It seemed like last year Target was infested with it, but this year it’s not anywhere! I can’t even find silver & blue wrapping paper at Target, Hob Lob or Michaels. Ugh! I don’t think I’m talented enough to make my own wrapping paper! LOL Come back again soon :)

  2. Lovely Crafty Home

    Yeah I think next year we’ll do copper and gold and put the silvery winter wonderland away for a few years LOL! Thanks for stopping by :) I’ll be sure to visit your blog often!


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