Lately, we’ve been working on a home bar a la this post from awhile back. Stocking the bar has taken some time- a labor of love for my brother Ryan.

It’s kind of like a mullet, all business up top…

…and the party down below.

To top things off, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to incorporate a glass rack into the mix. After pondering for weeks and coming up empty, I went ahead and picked up one of these…

…in hopes that a brilliant idea would come to me. And it did. In the form of my friend Amy. As usual.

Are you guys sick of our blog affair yet?

I hope not.

I was explaining to her how the rack was meant to be mounted under a cabinet, but that I didn’t want to use it like that. She suggested hanging it from the ceiling pot-rack style. Oh yes, there’s the ticket. The rack already had 4 holes in it, so I decided to use some eye bolts, nuts, and chain to hang it near the bar.

The only modification I needed to make to the rack itself was to add some pieces of wood to the back to keep the glasses from sliding all the way through (it’s open on both ends). Since it came unfinished, I’m still trying to decide how to finish it.

I think I’ll poll the audience. Should I paint it black like the shelves/chain, or stain it? What do you think?

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  1. Cristina

    Wow! Can I come over? haha That is one stocked bar and it’s looking great!
    I would either paint it black or stain it ( with a color similar to the wooden bar).
    …. and I’m LOVING the wine rack! :)

    P.S. I mentioned you on my blog today. Just sharing some blog-love.

    Cristina from

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Sure Cristina!! Thanks for the shout out, I’ll come over and check it out :)

  2. Sarah

    Totally paint it black! It will look awesome. I love what you have done with it, especially behind those doors! Can I come over?

  3. Lauren

    I love your k-cup storage! I am addicted to our keurig; i really don’t know how I survived mornings without it! But the k-cup storage is out of control in our pantry. We have a little cute swivel holder on the counter but it only holds 30 (which doesn’t last long in our house)!

    I think you should paint or stain the shelf black to match the shelving.

    We desperately need a bar area as well; I love the way yours turned out!

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Thank you for stopping by Lauren! The K-cup drawer was a Christmas gift from my inlaws (they know how crazy we are about it!!). We probably go through a 48 pack in a week LOL!


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