Well not literally, but I have been DYING for a chalkboard in the kitchen. I fantasized about a whole chalkboard wall with glorious little chalk drawings like these by Michael who owns a sweet little Bed and Breakfast and writes a blog called  Inspired By Charm.

Image courtesy of Inspired By Charm

But let’s face it, a home with a dog and 3 cats is not exactly ideal for this type of expression. Envisioning chalk covered animals and smudged drawings quickly turned my thoughts to something more contained. I was on the hunt for a large-ish framed picture or mirror, and a little beauty popped up for $10 (also with 2 other little tables I bought from the same girl, more on that to come).

I had never used chalkboard paint before, but I figured it couldn’t be that different that regular spray paint. After trying to remove the mirror from the frame itself and realizing that it was caulked in place, I decided to just leave it be and cover the frame in paper.

chalkboard paint

I applied 2 coats before this happened.

Yes that is [one of] my cat’s paw print. I’m sure he just HAD to see what I was painting on those sawhorses.

I sanded it and sprayed 3 more coats for good measure. Basically I emptied the can on it.

For the frame, I thought I’d try something different than my usual Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze or white. I have a few seaglass-y type accessories in the kitchen, so I thought maybe an antiqued blue-green finish with some of the metal still peeking through would be a perfect fresh accent. None of the spray paint colors were really jumping out at me, so I picked up a few Folk Art acrylic paints as well as some antiquing medium (a first for me also).

I couldn’t decide between the two colors, so I thought I’d mix them-applying them separately in a haphazard fashion while still letting some of the original metallic finish come through.

After that was dry, I applied the antiquing glaze with a sponge brush and wiped it off as I went with a rag. I love how it came out. I’m sure the antiquing isn’t perfect, but I still think it looks really neat.

The ultimate plan is to hang it in the kitchen with a shelf underneath  for my spices. Below the shelf I’ll hang that Kroken bar from IKEA with the little herb/utensil buckets and a few other doo-dads. I’m super excited to finally have some useful storage on that wall, it’s been empty for so long. What about you guys? Do you have any chalkboards in your house?

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    • Lovely Crafty Home

      LOVE LOVE LOVE your vases!! Thanks for sharing (and for the chalk marker tip!)

  1. Heather R.

    You know how people talk about their “ah-ha” moments?! Well, you just inspired mine! I have been looking at thrift stores for “just the right” framed picture to make into a large chalkboard for a niche in my kitchen…meanwhile I have a large mirror, sitting unused in a closet…why did I not think to use it before?! Can’t wait to get home from work today and see if it will fit size wise in my space because price wise it is perfect! ;) Love how yours turned out.

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      That’s right Katrina, I just sprayed right over the mirror…the can says it can be applied directly to glass.

  2. Willow Creek

    I love the frame. You did a great job! I have always wondered if i could paint on the mirror. Thanks for the info! Please stop by my blog!

  3. BeColorful

    Despite a bit of a set back this turned out great. I never would have thought to paint glass with that paint.
    Loved that inspiration picture too.
    Thanks for sharing on beColorful’s Motivated Monday

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Love the color you went with, Rachel! It’s nice to mix things up a bit from the usual black, Heirloom White or Oil Rubbed Bronze! I have some great frames I found on clearance at Michaels that I’m thinking of doing a magnetic chalkboard {since I already have an oversized chalkboard in my kitchen}. I think it might work out in my office area where I can write or post things with one board.


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