Well hello there…my name is Jessica.
I have a blog…it’s only 3 months old…
{ you should stop by sometime }
Anywho, this blog is chop full of my
cReAtIvE cRaZiNeSs
{ and other forms of madness }
It’s called
Maybe you’ve heard of it?
Well, it’s about time you venture into My World!!!
I’m SuPeR dUpEr excited
to be blog swappin’ with
~ Just some TiDbItS about moi…
~ I am married to the LOVE of my life
~ I have four absolutely BEAUTIFUL children
~ I work a full-time, stressful job
~  and I’m borderline OCD
What kind of madness will you find at
you ask???
Well, let me show you…
There’s my
or my
Perhaps you’ll like my
{and yes, mine was the first in blogland}
My first tute, that made me famous, was my
Monsters also hang out in My World…
Here’s another scarf for ya…
I also like to share some decorating tips…
like this one…

Later this week you’ll find some Tween Crafts…
Duck Tape Roses anyone???
And for Easter, I’ll be posting a tute on how to get your eggs to look like this:
I sure do hope you pop on over and stay for a while…
In the meantime, please help me find my glue gun ;-)
{ JeSsIcA }

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  1. Heather R.

    Already a fan and follower of your blog Jessica! Love the scarves and even tried my hand at the infinity one already :)


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