Ah the everlasting quest for the perfect bedroom…

Every time I think I’m satisfied, I find a patterned duvet or a curtain panel that throws me into full blown self-doubt mode. This is the problem when you have no “style” you conform to. I’m a little bit shabby-french-traditional-global, so what?!

Right now our bedroom is casual and maybe a bit beach-y feeling, but why can’t I have a tufted platform bed like this?


Image courtesy More Platform Beds

Doesn’t everyone need a leather tufted bed? And by everyone, I mean myself. Yes, it’s a little grand perhaps for our modestly furnished household. And maybe it doesn’t really “go” with the rest of our bedroom furniture. I still want it really badly.

But I also want this four poster canopy bed.


Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Is there a clinical diagnosis for this problem? I need a support group. When it comes to the kitchen, I’m pretty solid with our white¬† traditional design. Sure I can appreciate an industrial loft style kitchen, or even a super country kitchen-but in the end I’m happy with ours. What is it about bedrooms that makes me go from one end of the spectrum to another? It’s like a broken compass, people! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Maybe if I got one of these sleigh-style platform beds, I’d be happy? Royal, yet casual. Did I actually just write that?

Image courtesy of Decor*Pad

The bed really sets the tone for the whole room, maybe that’s why I’ve been so hesitant to buy one. I can upholster a headboard like a champ, but that’s still fairly non-committal. Let’s get real- it’s not even attached to our bed. Technically, it’s more like strategically placed tufted wall art.¬† If I had a real bed (you know- one with a footboard), I couldn’t really be all over the place with my bedroom design. I’d have to pick a style and stick with it (until that bed mysteriously finds its way into a guest room…)

Did I mention I JUST redesigned our bedroom?

I’m going to resist the urge for now. But I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!


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  1. Ashley @ DesignBuildLove.co

    TOO hilarious! I know how you feel! I am drawn to soooo many different beautiful styles, that I just can’t make a design decision sometimes! It’s wonderful to have an appreciation for other styles, but helpful to know what YOU like… as in your kitchen!!!

    Let me know if you find a support group! ;)


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