Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my first garden?

Well after a weekend out of town and leaving my brother in charge of the watering, I wasn’t sure what I’d come home to. But, to my surprise, he watered my little seedlings everyday. I had given them some Miracle Grow before I left, so when I came back everything seemed GIANT!

My tomato plant (the only thing in a pot) is getting so large I need to stake it, and it’s got tons of medium sized still-green romas already.

Mint, essentially a weed, typically does well in almost any condition. I took a risk planting it in the ground where it can spread- but frankly I hope it does…at least it will look and smell nice in a mostly empty garden bed!


Watermelon is sort of my wild card…I mean what are the chances I will actually get some?? Right now they’re looking pretty good because this thing is spreading out like crazy!


Then we have eggplant, which I thought I might lose because something sure likes to eat it (see the holes in the leaves?). But it did grow a bit while I was gone, so it’s still in the game afterall!

Perhaps the MVP award goes to the squash. It was about 4″ tall when I got it and it has exploded! I’ve got some squash blossoms (which are edible, but I’m holding out for the real deal) already!

And lastly, we have peppers. I got the miniature orange bell from what I can recall. If you look closely you can see

So far I’m really excited about the progress!! It has actually encouraged me to try to plant other things for different seasons :) So what about you guys? Do you have a garden?  How is it doing? Do you have red tomatoes yet?

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  1. Kayla

    Your garden is looking great! We got a late start on our garden, have had some terrible wind, and huge hail…it’s starting to perk back up! Hopefully soon we’ll have some veggies! I’d have to say that our Zucchini & Watermelon plant are looking the most promising by far! And they both will take over, just a little advice! ;) Watermelon will take some time, but you’ll eventually start seeing them come in. Our tomatoes and peppers are a little behind, hopefully I’ll start seeing some soon. I had to plant our cucumbers from seed a few weeks ago, so hopefully they’ll make it through the long process!! Good luck!

  2. Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Yep! Looks like a gardening success so far! :) All I’ve planted so far are a few flowers in pots. We’re hoping to start a yard soon and plant a couple trees. But it’s still WAY too hot where we live. I hope to have a little garden someday after that! :)


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