Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m just getting back from the beach and getting caught up with everything! I actually finished this project before I left, but didn’t get around to photographing anything. Nevertheless, I’ve got tons of furniture updates coming up for you. I have found that I really love doing this and am thinking (or having delusions) of doing this as a side business. What do you think?

Remember waaaaaay back when I talked about how I repainted our dressers a long time ago (circa 2006) with a bit of errrr….flair?

Well here is a little corner of my bedroom that I strategically leave out of shots. I tackled my dresser with some stain, but never got around to Mike’s. It actually worked out in my favor, since I’ve acquired some new skills and the plans for the bedroom had changed since the last time I refinished a piece.

This is the last room that still needs the carpet removed (obviously), and I think the mocha floors and dark furniture will be too heavy for the room. So I went on a quest for the perfect paint color, the perfect greige to be exact. After some google-ing and swatch-ing, I settled on SW “Perfect Greige”…fate? I think so.

I roughed up the paint with some medium grit and brushed on 2 coats of Perfect Greige. When it dried, I sanded and distressed the edges followed by an application of Folk Art Antiquing Medium allover. After some clear wax, I FINALLY put hardware on the piece- I had been trying to put hardware on this set for years, but could never decide between pulls or knobs. I found some simple antique iron knobs sold in the bulk packs at Home Depot and they fit beautifully. Have I talked enough? Are you ready to see the final product?

Like how I did the slow reveal on that one? You’ll notice that we swapped out the TV from the living room. It fits better on the dresser and we will *hopefully* be upgrading the living room TV some time soonish (Mike, are you there?).

I think once the floors are done the dresser will really pop. The color is neutral enough that it could go into other rooms also (we are planning on keeping this set since it has been in the family for awhile). Now I just need to sand all the poly off my dresser to complete the makeover…

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  1. Janet

    Yes, that has a few years on it. 52 yrs at least! I think a side business would be fun! You certainly have a flair for refinishing a piece of furniture!


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