Moving on to the last piece of furniture in my brother’s room, I tackled the small eyesore  bookshelf from our original office setup.

Here’s the boring $10 before:

It’s a cheapy particle board bookshelf, but I figured that I already had the paint and it fits in the room well so why not give it a shot? I had to sand it down quite a bit to get the paint to stick because of the slick black finish, but I finally was able to apply two coats of blue to the outside and the shelves. The inside was painted white for a little pop. After glazing the blue parts (I just left the white alone), I finished it with natural wax.

The pictures don’t really show off the difference, but I think it turned out really nice all things considered. Side note: check out the sweet headphones my bro got at a yard sale.

Up next for his room: a wall color. Any suggestions? See more from this room here and here.

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  1. Suzanne

    LOVE the contrast — makes for distinct, clean style! Great job! As far as the walls, dove gray is hot right now and would add style, while keeping the room masculine.


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