Freak out.

Make panicked phone calls and send frantic emails.

Freak out some more.

This is why I self-host, people! (free wordpress and blogger users beware!)

Lovely Crafty Home had a major malfunction starting yesterday afternoon. Without getting into the details, it was completely out of the blue and took a bit of detective work to figure out what went wrong. But, I have migrated over to a new hosting service, and I am back! These things can take a little time to change throughout the whole interweb, but hopefully you’ll be seeing my site without any issues by the weekend at the latest.

I apologize for the inconvenience! I know there are a lot of “pinners” out there trying to track down the brown paper floor tutorial so please please please come back! It’s here, and here.

Pretty please?

And if you have subscribed to email updates or Google Friend Connect in the past, please check and make sure you are still signed up- we may have lost some of you in the shuffle.

Lovely Crafty Weekend will still be ON for tomorrow, so I hope you’ll stop by to (try) to link something up!

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