Really is there a better choice for a crazy/messy/clumsy cook like me? Granite seems to be high maintenance with all its sealing and special cleaning requirements. Quartz is a hardworking material, but it’s become more expensive than granite. Pretty much anything that has to be installed by professionals is out, we just don’t want to put up that much money right now. But I’m so tired of our laminate counters.

I first read about people pouring their own concrete counters last year, but I never thought much of it. It just seemed like too big of a job, and one that I could potentially really screw up. But now I’m more willing to consider it. There are sources for step-by-step instructions, the materials are readily available (they are now making products for the home DIYer), and it seems straightforward.

Plus, it’s gorgeous.

{True Form Concrete}

For a few hundred dollars worth of materials, you can have a solid surface, durable countertop.

{Tsunami Countertops}

And bonus: I can get an undermount sink. Although I’d really love a classic apron front.

Le sigh.

{Get Real Surfaces}

I’m loving this darker shade.

{Anything Concrete}

{Spektrem Concrete Decorative}

So I think I’m going to get a game plan together and give this a go. Have any of you done this? Would you attempt it?


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  1. Jen @ Domesticated Nomad

    I adore concrete counter tops. I’ve thought about it, but we have granite-look laminate that was brand new when we bought the house just over a year ago. It looks good (actually it’s so good some people were fooled!) so I can’t imagine doing it now. It would be changing just for change and I need to put my dollars into other projects. So, I won’t be attempting it any time soon, but it’s on my home design bucket list. Can’t wait to see it and hear about it if you decide to go for it.

  2. liZ evans

    We are literally starting our kitchen remodel tonight…and we will be redoing everything ourselves except the counter tops. I’m too scared. But concete countertops are my dream.


    I am completely in LOVE with concrete… hence our concrete floors that we’re looking to expand! Seriously couldn’t think of a more versatile product (other than wood) for the home. I say GO FOR IT! Make sure to do your homework and get lots of inspiration before you pick the style of concrete… there are a surprising amount of choices!

  4. Monika

    My husband wants replace our computer built in desk top (it is laminate). I am up for it and if I could I would replace the granite in the kitchen to concrete. You can make such a custom made counter tops that nobody else has. Looking foorward to see it.


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