I picked up these matching lamps at a new consignment store I discovered a little while back.

They were marked $14.95 each, but these poor babies had been there since June so the owner told me to make an offer. I said I’d take both for $20 and he agreed. I really fell in love with the shades, but I think some paint would really take these from bad 70′s hula party to rustic chic. Besides, I don’t think we have matching lamps anywhere in our house, and it might be nice to have these for some balance. Now I’m trying to decide what color to paint them? White? Something bright and fun like yellow? Purple? What do you think?

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  1. D'Arcy

    I think White would look great, fresh & clean. But not a super bright white and not anything dark like an ivory white. I think Rustoleum’s ‘Heirloom White’ would look great! Love the shades too, those alone are worth more than $20. Great find, can’t wait to see what they look like when you’re finished.

  2. Anna

    I am wondering if they could be stained a deep brown? If not I would paint them an interesting brown. I guess colors would be fun since they could be painted over. I am too busy to keep repainting things like this tho and would prefer to change wall colors…….

  3. Gwen

    Those are an ocean-ful of texture! I think you could paint them any fresh color and they will look like they jumped out of a Pottery Barn Catalog! What a Great Find!

  4. Bethany Pellerin

    I think the color blue in the background of your blog…don’t know if that would go with anything but I just love that blue with brown super cute!

  5. Julie

    Eggplant! I thought purple as soon as I saw them, so I was excited to see it as one of your thoughts too! A deep, shiny eggplant would be gorgeous. And what an awesome deal!!!


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