Do any of you have a space like this?


Probably not because I’m sure I am the most disgusting person on the planet, and I’ve totally outed myself. My husband calls this my “crap corner”, originally intended to be a working space for me and storage for all my supplies. But what it actually is, is a place for me to dump approximately 100 bags from A.C. Moore, Home Depot, Hancock Fabric, and Michael’s. It used to work for me, like “I know I bought some of that…it’s in the Michael’s bag”…but then there were 5+ Michael’s bags and the system stopped working. I can’t find anything, and it’s causing me to waste time, money, and stresses out my husband every time he walks down the stairs. Yes, this is the first thing you see when you walk into our basement.

So, I’m committing to doing something about this problem. I’ve already started. It will require me to spend some money on organizational things which I have discussed with I’m-on-the-edge husband. So in order to save some face here now with you readers, I’m asking you to publicly join me in my quest. If you have a space that really needs a makeover (even if it’s not as bad as mine…), it could be a room, a closet, a cabinet, etc. then LINK IT UP. Let’s take care of it by the end of January. Then I’ll have another linky party for the results. And, I’ll even throw in a prize. Anyone who posts here and on the results post will be entered to win a $15 Starbucks gift card. From me.

In fact, I’m so looking forward to LOTS of participation that I made a little button for you so you can share the party if you want. Come on, you know you have some friends with a…errrr….problem…

Lovely Crafty Home

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Ok let’s see those messes (i.e. please make me feel better about myself)!
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  1. Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    I am totally LOLing!!!! The corner of my office looks EXACTLY like that – except I have two tables covered in crap, instead of one. And those two tables have bags from Hobby Lobby, Menard’s, Lowe’s, and Walmart shoved underneath them with the exact same “finding” system that you have – except I have too have the same problem with having multiple bags – and for fun, let’s throw in fabric, upholstery, paint cans, glaze cans, wax, paint brushes, spray primer, spray paint… Get the picture? Its soooo not pretty and yours looks GREAT in comparison. At least yours is in the basement! HA HA HA!

  2. Lisa

    I literally just got up off the couch with my phone, took a picture of my sewing/vanity room and am back on the couch replying. I will have my post and link up shortly! I have refused to clean the room because we still need to put new flooring down in there. I’ll have to convince my “soon-to-be-on-the-fence” husband that the flooring needs to go down in the next couple weeks so I can have this done by the end of January!

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  4. Kim @ Twigs and Twirls

    I am excited about this. I am up for a good challenge. Its going to be fun. I can’t wait to see the results. Its always fun to share the different way to control your “crap”. Thanks for hosting a great party.

  5. Amy Evans

    “Come on, you know you have some friends with a…errrr….problem…”

    who moi? When are we going to do the recap rewind!?! Hurry while my room is still clean!!!

  6. Nicole

    I seriously laughed out loud. I did over take our living room as my workshop, and it too looks like that!
    I do think it’s better for creativity to be messy!

  7. Kate

    I bookmarked this when you posted it and thought about joining your party, but I never thought I would even start tackling my mess(es) in January let alone finish them! But…this weekend, I started and I was on a rampage throwing crap away! Felt great! I am in the process of decluttering two rooms because I am swapping (and getting rid of) furniture in both rooms. Husband and I made tons of progress then he just lost his “enthusiasm” for the project once the big stuff was done. I still have lots of work ahead of me. Now I am going to kick it into high gear to get done by Jan. 31st! You have motivated me!! Thanks!

  8. Lisa

    I’m starting on mine this weekend! Can not wait to post the finished results. I haven’t touched mine yet because the weather has been sooo cold we haven’t had a chance to lay flooring. Just a little over a week left, eeee!

  9. marilyn

    How is everyone doing? I am trying to re-do the room along with getting organized. I hope I can get everything done! Keep your fingers crossed, okay?

    • Lisa

      We just got the flooring laid down today so that means I can actually do the reorganization part. Tomorrow or really late tonight after work I have to completely empty out my closet and clean it before I can move furniture back in. I’m excited and nervous now lol. Hoping I can get it done, too!

      I assume there will be a new post up for us to give finished results?!


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