Five days a week, this is what happens.


The hubs walks in sometime between 5:30 and 6.

[Dog wiggles excessively]

I hop up off the couch and pretend I wasn’t trolling Pinterest since he left that morning. “Hi honey! How was your day?” Kiss kiss.

“Meh. How was yours?”

“Well, I had this great idea! It’s so awesome! I’m going to ______________ (insert completely random and/or ridiculous house project).”


“Aren’t you excited?! It’s going to make our lives better/save us money/add value to the house/be totally posh.”

[More silence]

“Here, let me draw it out for you! I’m definitely going to need your help because you’re better at ______ (insert any skill set that will stroke his ego the most) than I am!”


Um, raise your hand if this sounds anything like your house.

Poor Mike, I pretty much bombard him with at least 10 crazy ideas daily. He takes it fairly well for a guy that gets bombarded with 10 crazy ideas daily-especially when it’s right when he gets home from work and all he really wants is dinner. He has not one, but two wiggly and excited girls greeting him at the door. And only one of them looks reaaaaaallly cute doing that. Oh, and it’s not me.

But somehow he usually ends up helping out with 1 or 2 of those crazy ideas. I can always count on him to encourage me- even if he’s a bit like a deer in headlights at first. I think I just have that effect on people.

Here’s a pretty little sketch from tonight’s episode…can you tell I’m trained in technical drawing?


 We live on a giant hill, so that’s my plan to make a terrace garden down the side of my house. The planter boxes I saw here via Pinterest I hope the hubs is excited!!


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  1. Renee Cook

    I LOVE this post !!! You are right on the money !!! I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. !!

  2. Lisa M

    This totally sounds like me! LOL My husband would LOVE if i stayed off of Pinterest! hahaha :) I have tried to stear clear of household projects, at least for now! ;) There are some GREAT ideas on there!!

  3. Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    HAHA! That is too funny. My hubs is the same… He had three happy girls greeting him though… (we have two dogs!). I can picture your terrace garden now… He SHOULD be excited! ;)

  4. Andi S

    I do that all the time! It’s always, “Honey, I know you just got home but I really need help with (insert name of crazy project here).” It happens almost every day. I think I need an assistant to help me do all my crazy projects during the day so that he doesn’t get bombarded!

  5. Christine Aldinger

    oh my Jordan, also a boxer but has passed away ( makes a sad face with tears) and it will be 4 yrs and i still make the same face……..did that wiggle look at me i am so excited to see you!!!! i never seen another breed to it better *winks* !!! oh btw your DIY project looks grand!!


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