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I am so super excited to share this giveaway with you! It’s actually been a long time in the making because I’ve totally been sitting on this product for a few months-the weather just wasn’t cooperating. I got the sprayer back in January, but it was too cold, then too wet, then I was too busy, and well…life happens…

I finally set a goal of using it last week. After a rainy start, I had enough sun to haul out one of my new Goodwill finds and get to work (pardon the cell phone pic).

I fell in love with this hutch, even though it was missing the glass and needed A LOT of patchwork. I mean A LOT.

After all the patching was done (or about as good as it was going to get- I wasn’t going for perfection), I got out the Command Max Sprayer.

I was expecting a bunch of parts and pieces to put together, but I was pleasantly surprised that the sprayer was pretty much ready to go out of the box. I didn’t take any “getting set up” pictures because it didn’t take much time at all, and the directions were very clear. I had some SW Homberg Gray paint on hand that I planned to use. After doing the viscosity test per the instructions, I realized that it had to be thinned.

At first I had a little freak out thinking I’d need to go get paint thinner until I did some research on the internet saying I could just add water (it’s latex paint). So you’re not caught by surprise, I recommend reading up on the paint you’re planning to use and the thinning requirements before dragging all your tools outside :) Otherwise you might find yourself on an emergency run to Home Depot.

I added water to my paint a little at a time until I got the right consistency. Don’t be intimidated, all you do is scoop up some paint into the little blue cup provided and count the seconds it takes for it to empty back into the can of paint. There is a chart in the manual that gives you the guidelines based on the type of product you’re using (paint, stain, varnish, etc). Definitely take the time to do this and get it right because if the paint is too thick, the sprayer will not work!

Once I had my paint thinned appropriately, all I did was pour it in the white bottom piece, attach the “straw”, and plug it in. The manual gives all kinds of tips on how to test the sprayer, learn the nozzle configurations, and get the spray technique down. But I’ve had a lot a traditional spray paint experience, so I figured I’d just jump in. Within a few minutes I had it figured out and was already on my way to complete flawless coverage.

I definitely noted that because of the HVLP (that’s high volume, low pressure) technology, overspray was pretty slim-even though it was windy out. That saves you paint and mess! Ask Mike about the time I oversprayed his car on accident with white spray paint…

I only wish I had shown you this product on a better-boned piece of furniture, but you can see even though the piece was not in good condition, the paint itself is smooth. It got into all the grooves MUCH better than I could ever do with a brush. If you ever work on detailed pieces, this sprayer would cut your work time tremendously. I painted the whole bookshelf in about an hour (and that included me having to re-patch areas that were unrelated to the painting- you can see the filler on the first shelf above).

The paint dried superfast and incredibly strong as well. I was using a putty knife on it for more patching within 30 minutes, and it did not damage the paint. I could not believe it! If you brush paint furniture, you know this degree of curing is virtually impossible so soon. I normally have to let my pieces sit overnight before proceeding to the distressing phase. It’s like the best of both worlds- the speed of spray painting, but with the durability of brushing on paint.

With all the repairs this hutch needed, this piece could have easily taken days to finish with a brush. But with the sprayer, I had the whole thing patched, painted, distressed, and waxed within 24 hours. AH-MAZING.

I bought some chicken wire for the doors and replaced the hardware with some of the knobs from another makeover (The Admiral Desk).

If you’re wondering about the clean-up, don’t be scared. I went into this project thinking it’d be a nightmare, but it wasn’t bad at all. Again, I found the manual to be very clear. The pieces come apart for easy cleaning, and it didn’t take me more than 10 minutes. The time I saved in painting more than made up for this mild inconvenience. It takes me about the same time to clean all my brushes anyways.

And because I couldn’t resist seeing The Elsie Hutch filled with china, here she is all made up.

Another thing to note: I love distressing furniture and this rustic chicken-wire door-ed piece was no exception. I found the process of distressing to be more “organic” on the sprayed finish than on anything I’ve brushed. The Command Max sprayer would work for a clean, flawless finish or as a base to distress and glaze.

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be using it again. And because of the minimal overspray, I may even attempt to set up a little drop cloth studio in the basement and try it indoors.

Are you dying to try this tool? Would you like to win one of your very own?

HomeRight has generously offered to give one away to one lucky reader! Here is how you can enter:

1) Leave a comment here telling me why you want the Command Max sprayer (mandatory)

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I’ll be using Rafflecopter again for this giveaway, so please enter below! Giveaway will close at midnight on 4/9/12. Good luck!

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47 Responses

  1. Ruth

    Oh how I would love this sprayer. I would start on an old dresser I have setting out in the garage calling my name;) Thanks for such a great give-a-away

    • sandy

      I paint funiture for children and this would be fabulous! There is nothing more exciting than finding something someone has discarded and turn it into something new, and this would allow me to make things faster and with a smoother finish. I want one! I would love to have this!

  2. Arlynn

    I’d love, love, love to win this paint sprayer – in the last couple of months I’ve traditionally hand painted or spray painted (out of the can) at least 4 different objects and this smart machine would surely come in handy :-) I’m looking into updating an old dresser and bookcase for our guest bedroom and the Command Max sprayer would make those projects seem so much more do-able, ha! Thanks so much!!!

  3. cheryl

    LOVE your project!!! It turned out really great and I love the color you chose! I would love to try the Command Max Sprayer because it would #1: make my projects look more professional and #2: get things done just that much quicker so I can paint more things! And #3: who doesn’t love spraying paint??!
    Thanks for the opportunity!! Blessings!!

  4. Dawn

    I would LOVE to win this sprayer. I’ve been looking into buying one as I love to refinish furniture and am in the never-ending process of fixing up every room in our first home. I hope I win!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Kim {ShopKim on Etsy}

    Oh man, I would love one of those! I’ve done the little things in my house but all the “big” projects have waited because of the daunting painting project. That would make life so much easier!

  6. K.@ Craft Wannabe

    I would love to have a paint sprayer! I don’t have a garage, so all of my painting projects need to be done outside. Usually, the weather won’t cooperate. With a sprayer, I could get the project done in a fraction of the time – no more weather woes!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Melissa

    I would LOVE to have one of these!! My husband and I are buying our first home and this sprayer would be so helpful in getting some of our projects done!! We purchased a hutch for our new house that needs to be painted, as well as 2 dressers and 2 end tables! This sprayer would help in finishing these projects!!! Thank you for the opprtunity!! :)

  8. Samantha Gettler

    ummmm i sooooo need one of these! Spray painting and I have not come to terms on working well together. I think this would be a life saver!!

  9. Anna Gascey

    I would absolutely love to have this product! I have so many things that I have been wanting to paint. I have a whole dining set that I have been dying to paint black and distress.

  10. Abby

    I would LOVE to have one of these so I can get started on furniture for the baby’s nursery! I just came inside from painting some doors to use for a headboard in our room, and I kept thinking how much easier it would be with a sprayer! Great giveaway!

  11. Marilyln

    I’ve been wanting a sprayer for sometime. I just can’t give up wanting to always paint something but my hands have arthritis and don’t cooperate as well as they use to; but that won’t stop me yet. This would just be so much easier to use. Thanks for the chance to get one. Blessings!

  12. Kristina

    I have to redo my kitchen cabinets and this would make the job SOOO much less scary!

  13. kenzie

    I would love to win this sprayer! Mine just broke last week and even though I love painting by hand, it totally helps having that sprayer! Love the blog.

  14. Maxine

    Wow, oh wow, I want that Command Max so bad! So many projects I want to get to, they’d be so much better with this sprayer setup.

  15. Teresa

    I really, really, reallly want to win this. I can’t find one in my town anywhere or I’m just not looking in the right places.

  16. Lee Anne

    I am about to refinish a hutch in my dining room and I would LOVE to have this sprayer! It’s going from a dull maple to turquoise :) Love how your project turned out. The chicken wire is so cute and the white dishes really pop. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Mary Stewart

    I’ve never spray painted anything…too chicken, but I’d like to give it a try with this spray painter! Sounds like it would be really easy!

  18. Lori S

    I have an old antique cabinet I would like to paint inside and out. (I love this chicken wire idea!)

  19. Grace

    We just moved into our retirement home and so excited. We have so many projects and having a sprayer to speed everything up would be so nice. Would absolutely love it. Great idea! Thanks!

  20. Sandra Barber

    I do a lot of painting and all my lawn funiture is begging for a a paint job. This would save me so much money and time.
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  21. Patti Herbert

    My husband would love this to waterproof our wooden above ground pool deck and rails and I would love it for furniture re-dos. I have been thinking of buying this exact one but would love to win it!!

  22. Rachelle

    Would love to win a paint sprayer! I have so many furniture and home projects to do it would really help me out

  23. Dee S

    I would love to win this ~ I would be able to complete soooo many projects!

  24. Jenny

    I’ll give it to you straight. I would want to win because I bought a cheap sprayer once and it was horrible! HORRIBLE! Don’t buy cheap you’ll just end up with a yucky project. Then you’ll be mad at yourself AND THEN you’ll jerk the cord out of the wall only to have it hit you in the face. Don’t believe me. I have it on tape. YES! :-) http://youtu.be/eQ2xbaj8j8s

  25. Delyn

    I would love to win this paint sprayer so I don’t have to haul all of my furniture to my mother-in-laws house to paint using her Command Max Sprayer (which she loves by the way).

  26. Stephanie

    We just bought a house and I have a storage unit full of CL finds that will be getting “redone” and this sprayer would be such a tremendous help!!

    Love what you did, especially the paint color :)

  27. erica

    We have a bunch of old hand me down furniture that I have been dying to paint and update, but I just don’t like brush painting, this sprayer would be awesome.

  28. Jennifer

    I would love this sprayer. My husband tells me I’m not effective with a paintbrush, you can see my strokes so I end up giving up. This would be so much easier! I love the hutch!!

  29. carole

    Why do I want it?
    You said it was easy and fast. I have an antique shop and I’m always painting something. I also have arthritic hands.
    That’s why I want it.

  30. T. Emmons

    Everyone has so many amazing ideas they want to do with this little helper! I love the hutch; especially with the chicken wire! You suppose my husband will let me put chicken wire in the house we are building?? This sprayer would come in super dooperly for the extra colors we want to paint in the house. Im hoping I can find a hutch like yours to redo, too! Love. It!

  31. Sara E.

    I really really want a sprayer. Being a new wife on a budget I have tons of furniture to refinish. I just spent a week on living room tables. This would have saved me so much time! I hope I win.

  32. Tracy Corcoran

    Help! I desperately need this HomeRight Command Max Paint Sprayer. I have a house that was built in 1950 with the original cupboards. I painted them 20 years ago when we first moved in. I used a roller and a brush…what a time-consuming , back-breaking job! They need a new paint job and this HomeRight sprayer would be perfect for the task. I want to use enamel paint for durability and it says right on the box that one can use this type of paint. I will be adding some wood trim around the outside border of each cupboard door and this paint sprayer will give me a smooth finish and full coverage of the trim as well as completing the job much faster!

  33. kathy f

    I would love to win this sprayer. I have to paint all of the interior doors in my house. It would be sooo much easier with a sprayer!

  34. Robin Ables

    Wow, this little baby will get me excited to start a new project with a entry table. Save me some time too!

  35. Jane Bruner

    I’m getting so tired of dealing with brush strokes on the furniture I paint–i think this could be the perfect solution!

  36. Julie Kraft

    I would sooo love to win this!! Talk about coming in handy for those DIY projects!

  37. Christy File

    I would love to own this! It would make future paint projects so much simpler and faster. Thanks for giveaway!

  38. Lori Adelmann

    I would love this sprayer! I would paint alot of wood furniture with it….starting with the TV cabinet.
    Thanks for the give-away.

  39. stacey

    I want one!!
    I would get the heck out of this little gem!
    For starters, I would paint the little chicken coop we built 3 years ago. I want to paint it to look like a tiny house, I even picked up some wooden shutters (in the discount bin @ 85% off!) to add to the cuteness.
    I have a kid’s dresser I’ve been wanting to paint to match my youngest son’s bedroom, so that would be next on the list.
    ‘Then I’d use it to restain/varnish my icky early 50′s yellowed kitchen cabinet faces.
    In short, me! me1 pick me!!
    Please. Thank you :)


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