If you’re looking for a cheap and attractive way to make garden beds this year, look no further than your local Re-Store!

Traditional lumber beds can be expensive, so my friend Amy had been looking for alternative materials for her garden beds. We happened to be trolling the Habitat Re-Store, when she came across some black plastic shutters for $3 each. Um HELLO alternative material. I mean heck, they’re already weatherproof and 3 of them would make a great sized box (2 for the length and 1 cut in half for the width). She bought 9 so she could make 3 large boxes.


  • Shutters (3 for each box)
  • Screws
  • 2×2 furring strip cut to 11″ (4 for each box)
  • Cardboard
  • Soil

The 11″ stakes at each corner hold the two pieces of shutter together, and are then pounded into the ground. That’s pretty much all it took to slap these up-cycled beauties together. Some scrap cardboard keeps the soil from spilling out of the slats.

Corks on bamboo skewers act as plant markers.

What do you think? Pretty sweet for $18, right (third box not pictured)?

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