Last week I told you I was working on some furniture for my brother. I finally finished painting the pieces and moved them over to his new place this weekend.

The nightstand came from the old guest room.

And the dresser came from my room, but I’m no longer using it.

Ryan chose the paint color, SW Urbane Bronze (which I actually used in my mom’s bathroom in Reno). After painting the nightstand, I used some metallic craft paint to add some detail on the edges. If I was making this over for myself, I probably would have changed the color of the hardware, but I knew Ryan wouldn’t care…

I really love how it turned out though, classic and masculine despite the curves.

The dresser I kept simple: just paint and edge distressing. I added knobs (finally)- the same ones I used on the matching chest, which we still use in our room. Sorry for the bad staging/lighting! I didn’t have much to work with at my bro’s place.

And just when I thought I was done, he announced that he wants a headboard!

We shall see.

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  1. Sandy Walters

    The furniture looks great! Love the nightstand…did you do that free hand without tape?? He sure needs something on the walls!


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