To my new workspace came in the form of a $0.50 unfinished ceramic figurine I stumbled upon while trolling Goodwill.

I hardly ever find Boxer themed items on the cheap, despite the fact that I see the live dog version all around town. So I obviously had to snatch this up to pay homage to my own sweet baby.

See the resemblance? Of course I could paint it in a high gloss white and call it done, but I decided to pick another color just for fun. I chose this winter gray gloss spray paint at Home Depot.

Awwww. I heart it. Now I can keep a mini Millie in my office. Without plans for a couch up there, I doubt the real deal will be joining me much.

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  1. Christine Aldinger

    as a boxer lover myself i NEVER see boxer items like that, you were lucky!! we just had the 4th yr anniversery of losing my Jordan Montana, she gave me 13 wonderful loving yrs (crying)…….give your boxer a smooch for me!!


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