WARNING: Picture heavy post!

This past weekend my friend Amy and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Michelle. She’s having a baby girl, so we wanted to make it sweet and feminine. Amy did most of the planning and cooking/decorating, and her house was the perfect spot for a dreamboat brunch. You’ll see why. Here is a little tour of the party:

We started out with a chocolate doughnut appetizer (Michelle’s recent craving) and sparkling lemonade or champagne.

After greeting all the guests on the front patio, we moved into the kitchen/living room for some amazing food.

The Menu:

Vegetable Stratta

Bacon Stratta

Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Walnuts

Biscuits and Jam (homemade!)

Brie and Fig/Raspberry Cups

Marinated Fruit Skewers

Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream Filling

Can you even believe that birdcage cake Amy made? Along with all of the food (well I did help skewer the fruit, but that’s about it)….seriously talented that lady is.

Once we all loaded up our plates, we headed out to the back porch for a lovely sit down brunch. We rented a long table, chairs, and white linen.

Michelle really likes sherbet colors, so that was the inspiration for the decor.¬†Why yes, Amy does own a peach organza overlay and matching napkins that couldn’t have been more perfect. All of our friends got together to make “poofs” from tissue paper to hang from the ceiling. It’s like a poofalier. Amy came up with a great idea to hollow some eggs, dye them, and use them as place cards.

Two of the eggs were filled with glitter, and those lucky ladies would win the door prizes later on. Isn’t that better than playing the “guess the baby food” game?

Now for my contribution: the flowers. Is anyone surprised? Listen people, arranging flowers is EASY. For $40 plus random cuttings from around our houses, I made six arrangements (one for the bathroom that didn’t get photographed…oops!).

What I bought from the grocery store: peachy pink sweetheart roses (someone totally read our minds, these were spot on color-wise), cream stock, light pink snapdragons, green hypericum berries, waxflower.

I used an assortment of milk glass and clear glass.

Everything turned out beautifully, and fun was had by all. The mom-to-be loved really enjoyed herself, which was the most important part!

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  1. Amy Evans

    Rachael, Thank you SO much for all of your help! You contributed WAAAAAAAAAY more than skewering fruit and flowers. I could never have pulled it up without you. You are the best!

  2. mary fran

    It looks beautiful! You ladies know how to throw a party! Love the tablecloth…looks like something we have at my mom’s house…

  3. Michelle Persek

    I am so lucky to have friends like you! Lovely and talented!


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