Hello Lovely Crafty readers, it’s Amy again. Back with another installment of ‘Amy and Anthropolgie’, where I decided that even the smallest things from Anthropologie are both outrageously amazing, and staggeringly overpriced. The latest item I have been stalking on their website, pinning to death on Pinterest, and otherwise dreaming about is this pretty little Crossed Spoons Plate Stand:

Sweet isn’t it? It beautifully combines two things that I adore: flatware, and items with super specific purposes. At $20 many of you might not find this charming plate stand over budget. However, I am so thrifty, I have been known to scoff at the price stickers at Good Will. Besides, why pay full retail for something when you can make it with some junk from the dollar store!?
For this project, I purchased a 2-pack of pretty crummy stainless steel dinner spoons, and a weird rope-y brass display easel from my local Dollar Tree for the total cost of $2.12 including tax.
I had on hand: gray spray paint, silver craft paint, antiquing glaze, Minwax Finishing Paste Wax, blue painters tape and some Gorilla Glue (not pictured). Ok, most of this stuff I borrowed from Rachael, but whatever. It didn’t cost me anything.
The stainless spoons were super shiny and truly looked like what they were, the worlds cheapest flatware. They did not have the same warm vintage-y silver look that the spoons on the Anthropologie piece did. So, I rubbed a little of the antiquing glaze into the grooves and put on a coat of paste wax. Before I knew it, they were starting to look quite lovely!
Next I put the tiniest drop of Gorilla Glue on the back of one and held them together with blue painters tape while the glue dried.
While the glue was drying, I went to town on the weird brass display easel. I hit it with a coat of gray spray paint for good coverage. Next, I used a combination of silver craft paint and antiquing glaze to get the color close to that of my newly waxed spoons. Then I finished the easel with a coat of wax too, just for good measure.
Finally, when the spoons were secured together, I used Gorilla Glue to attach them to the easel.
I think my DIY crossed spoons plate stand is a good imitation of the Anthro original. It makes a pretty display of my Royal Worcester china. And at one-tenth the price, I think it really cant be beat!

 It even makes a smart stand for my favorite cook book too!

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  1. Linda

    Love it, great job. I too scoff at prices at Goodwill. I have figured out that if the pricer likes the item, he/she overprices it and if they don’t like it he/she under prices the item. Not all Goodwills are greated equal when it comes to pricing. Take care.

  2. Chris Woakes

    The crossed spoon plate stand is really very attractive and the idea is innovative too . It can be used for both decorative purpose and domestic use. Thanks for sharing this post.


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