When I replaced my dining set last year, I had great plans to makeover the chairs and table to better suit my style. I started by ┬árecovering the cushions in drop cloth…it was the cheapest way to start, and you know I love drop cloth. Then I slowly started painting. White, of course. It seemed a natural choice, since the chairs looked a bit country. I painted 4 of the 8 chairs and the table before calling it quits. It was SO BORING. I figured since I only kept 4 chairs upstairs that I could get away with only doing half for awhile. And it was like that for about 6 months.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past the fact that I hated the round knobs on the tops of the chairs. Even with the white country feel I created, they still looked odd to me.

Having picked up sewing (albeit, rather badly at first), I decided to slipcover the chairs. At first I was very excited, but after sewing just 3 of them I lost steam.

And, still only 4 of the chairs had been painted. I was tired of my mismatched set! Ok, I know it’s my fault. But I guess I just needed to get fed up to really confront the problem: the knobs.

So I called my Dad for reinforcement. He does a lot of woodworking, so when I decided I should just cut the knobs off, I thought he would be the best person to help.

16 knobs later, the chairs were freed!

Here’s a side by side of the evolution, thus far.

I’m going with fresh paint and new upholstery, and hopefully this time, all 8 chairs will match. Here’s a little peek at where I am right now.

I still have a long way to go, but I’m more than determined this time. Anyone else have a project that refuses to get done?!


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  1. Amy Evans

    now, aren’t you glad you never talked me into finishing the rest of the slip covers for you :D


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