There is an estate sale company near my house (literally walking distance) that I frequent pretty regularly, and last week they were liquidating a retiring antique dealer’s collection.

Um HELLO! Sounds like awesomesauce to me. The sale usually goes on from Thursday to Saturday, and it took me that long to go through everything there…including a bazillion plates. There were state plates, city plates, random occasion plates, and even weird poetry plates. I’m not typically into plates, but there were so many that I looked through them for fun.

Well 3 of them came home with me. Why?

I spent six years in DC, through college and some time after. While living there, I met my now-husband, who was temporarily living at home near:

…until his apartment in Baltimore was ready to move into. I think the third plate is self-explanatory.

Maybe I’m just sentimental, but I was on the fence about this plate purchase until I spotted the little Boxer cutie. I mean seriously??? Nine dollars later, I did something I never thought I’d do…I hung plates on the wall. I E6000-ed sawtooth hangers to the the back and slapped our plate family on the wall next to the hutch.

I know they are a little small for the space right now, but I thought I could maybe start a little collection of plates that “speak” to me. I guess I’d have to get some cat plates to really make this work, but that may be pushing things a bit too far. They’d have to be really sweet. What about you guys? Do you have a plate collection? Would you ever buy plates to represent members of your family? Am I crazy?!

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  1. Janet

    Don’t buy it all up! Save some for me when I visit. The plates are a very nice touch! It is always nice to walk into a home and see the personality of the owners.

  2. Gretchen

    I love the idea of a meaningful plate display–and you’re off to a nice start :). DH’s family used to have a beach house on Cape Cod….it had been in the family for decades and was sadly neglected, decorating-wise–a repository for all the furniture no one wanted in their real houses anymore, pictures that had stayed on the wall since 1964, etc….I used to fantasy decorate it all the time, and one of my plans was a collection of vintage souvenir plates from every state….to actually eat off of, although I’m guessing it’s not safe to really do that.


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