With Halloween being on Wednesday this year, we celebrated early this weekend.

I host a costume party every year, so I do decorate for Halloween…but I usually try for a more “adult” look. Granted if we had kids (or even got a lot of trick-or-treaters), my approach might be different. This year I got a wee bit obsessed with bats. And I may have let Amy get a little crazy with the cobwebs. But it all turned out perfectly, and it was easy on the wallet.

In the foyer, I worked in some of my Halloween decor with the existing fall items. Some paper cut out bats hanging on the twigs and a creepy raven statue help set the mood. I also spray painted some faux-ivy from The Dollar Tree black to accent the white pumpkin and cake stand (for cupcakes at the party).

If you’re wondering what the little white things dangling from the ceiling are, they are marshmallows! I guess you could call it an art installation :)

For the table centerpiece, I got 6 white roses with a sprig of baby’s breath for $3.99 at our local Aldi. I wanted to go with a very neutral palette, so I added in some dusty miller and berries from my yard, along with the dried tops of some zebra grass. A few feathers from my crafty stash rounded out the look. The spider web runner is by Sandra Lee at Kmart and was on sale for a few bucks. Normally I don’t bother with holiday-specific table linens, but it was so cheap and cute I couldn’t pass it up.

I’m spoiling the surprise on my hutch makeover, but I had to share the spookiest bunting in the history of the world. Paper bat cut outs hot glued to thread would have been cool, but I took it one step further with a double layer of smaller bats hanging below. And that’s what you call re-bunt-dant.

Amy did all the cobwebbing in the house. She was super into it, so I just let her explore her inner Spiderwoman. As a result, the Glitter Stag took a hit big time.

The chalkboards got spooky art, also courtesy of Amy (she’s totally a chalk-master).

Outside on the porch I wanted to set up a bar, but the bright blue cooler was cramping my style.

So I got out a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze and ORBed it.

I printed out some labels for the wine bottles designated for the mulled wine I was making. A little Mod Podge, and voila!

I’ll shut up now, and just show you some other shots from around the house and during the party.

I can promise you the following photo was taken totally sober. I’m the creepy bee.

And here is my baby bee. She’s not pleased.

I didn’t get a picture of the Bee Keeper on my camera apparently, but a friend of mine got one on her cell phone. Sorry for the quality, but I had to show you our couple costume :)

Well there you have it, probably more of my house and my body than you wanted to see…but oh, well. If you can’t wear a sparkle tutu on Halloween, when can you wear one??

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  1. mary fran

    I think you all look fabulous! Love the decorations around the house! And your centerpiece is terrific…I could NEVER do that! Hope you all didn’t get battered by the storm…Stay Safe!

    Mary Fran

  2. Amy Evans

    That photo of Millie is amazing—poor little buzzy bee :) It was a great party and I had a super fun time helping with the decorations. Who knew I was so into chalking, webbing and batting things!


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