I guess it’s time to out myself. I’m totally into “lodge” style right now. Cabin. Rustic. Ski Bunny. Whatever you want to call it, I want to redecorate my house entirely with flannel plaids, deer, and planked walls. I actually do have some of those things in the works :) But I would like to show you the teensiest bit o’ lodge I came up with for my door wreath- it’s just enough to say “Hey, I appreciate a good plaid” without me hitting you in the face with a tree I cut down Extreme Logger style.

This literally took me about 5 minutes and $5 in materials. It’s so easy, you could follow IKEA style directions. That’s picture only.

Simple, evergreen, slightly sparkly with a bit of lodge…just how I like it.

While you’re whipping up that wreath, I also wanted to share with you the video interview I did a few weeks ago with HGTV’s Chip Wade (as seen on Curb Appeal: The Block and Elbow Room). The topic was holiday preparedness and fixes for some common disasters when you’re hosting a house full of guests. I was so excited to be asked to participate, but you guys know I don’t usually like to appear on camera in any form! I was SO nervous. I think you can tell a bit in the video, so don’t make fun of me :P Chip is SUPER nice and funny, so that definitely helped me relax as it went on.  Here’s the clip:

Interview with HGTV’s Chip Wade

In addition to participating in the interview, I was offered the chance to review the Corrente toilet Chip talks about in the video. This gal will be installing her first toilet in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that ;)

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  1. Dorothy Schreiner

    Oh, I just love it, as I do all your great ideas!!! A true follower here!!
    Funny, I have a grapevine wreath that size, that I picked up for a couple dollars last fall, and just didn’t know what to do with it. I guess I know now!!!
    My next project is the paper bag floors on my stairs. I am itching to start them next year!! Thanks for the continued inspiration.

    Dorothy in CT

  2. Linda

    That is a cute wreath! Some bittersweet or holly would look equally fantastic with that as well!
    Keep up the wonderful posts–you are the only blog I actually keep up with on a daily basis.

    Linda In Wisconsin.

  3. Getting In the Holiday Spirit

    [...] pretty warm, so I put up all the outdoor lights (woo!) and did this 15 minute version of my 5 minute holiday wreath from last year. Free, rustic, evergreen, perfect. Click through for the how [...]


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