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When Duck® Brand asked me to do a holiday project with some of their seasonal tape, I have to admit I was a little scared. I've never worked too much with Duck Tape®, so I knew it would be a challenge. When I got the box of goodies, I was shocked to see all these awesome patterns and colors-seriously so cute! 

holiday duck tape

Fortunately for my scared-y self,  my partner in crime (a.k.a. Amy) offered to get a little Ducky with me. We had several project ideas, but I wanted to share this one because it combines two of my favorite things: Goodwill and my dog Millie :) First things first, we grabbed an assortment of belts from Goodwill (at $1/ea) with buckles/shapes we liked.

Before Belts

I put the belt around my dog's neck and marked where it fit her the best. Then I cut the belt off leaving a few extra holes after my mark. Let the Duck Tape® fun begin :)

cutting duck tape

I found the best way to cut the tape was to stick it on a cutting mat and use a utility knife. It gives a clean edge, and it's easy to measure if you need to. I already had a great start on a holiday collar with the oh-so-serendipitous red glitter belt find, so I just wanted to add a few stripes for fun.

testing out layouts

I couldn't decide between the gold and the candy stripe, so I tested both versions out and ultimately decided on the gold and silver combo. You know I love a good metallic project. Amy chose the polka dot tape for her collar and covered the whole front with it.

holiday polka dot duck tape  

duck tape wrapped belts as dog collars

She used the classic grey on the back so we wouldn't waste the good stuff :) It was about this time that we both sorta got carried away. For two people who were new to the Duck Tape® world, we didn't waste any time coming up for all kinds of uses for this stuff, like:

  • Use small strips around the base of utensils for a fun splash of color
  • Wrap it around plain white cups for a holiday party
  • Stripe a plain white tablecloth
  • Cut triangles and hang on a string for outdoor bunting
  • Make loops and attach to a wreath form (a la this corn husk version)

Or you could continue to get a little crazy with the dog collars and start making accessories like a rose (I used the same method as my rosette wreath) to slide on previously mentioned striped sparkle color…

holiday duck tape dog collars

Yes, that is really made of Duck Tape®. But oh no, it doesn't stop there. Amy decided to add some of the metal star details (from the original collar) on top of the Duck Tape®. Then we took her collar to the basement to punch new holes with a hammer and nail.

making new belt holes

After I insisted she needed a slide on accessory for her collar, this is what happened…

holly sprig dog collar using duck tape

Turns out Amy's pretty good with the Duck Tape®. A secret talent perhaps? We were feeling pretty pleased with our creations, I mean come on they are totally cute! The only thing left was to bribe the models.

Dog Dress Up 1a

What do you think? Supreme focus or torture face? I think they were annoyed that we made them wear holiday sweaters.

millie in holiday collar

Deep down, I think  Millie loves her holiday collar. It looks so sweet on her, I may just force ask her to wear it this holiday season. This was my first time, but are there any Duck Tape® enthusiasts out there? Be sure to check out the Duck Tape® Facebook page for more ideas!! I think I will end up making one of those wreaths I mentioned above before Christmas :) 

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  1. mary fran

    OMG how cute! I think the dog picture is a classic! Typically unimpressed! I wish you and Amy were MY neighbors!


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