Woohoo it’s the weekend again. Crazy how that keeps happening, right? Did you do anything fun this week?

Head over to Sunflower Hugs to see how she re-vamped these 4 tables (hint: they are all awesome).

{Sunflower Hugs}

You will not believe the gorgeous find Penny scored at a yard sale for $10!!

{Penny’s Vintage Home}

I love this house number idea at DIY With Grant & Kiley!

{DIY With Grant & Kiley}

Do you guys compost? I’ve been thinking about it, but the pre-made bins are so expensive. Check out this DIY version at Dude, Sustainable!

{Dude, Sustainable}

Now it’s time to share your projects from this week! Let’s get ‘er going. Remember to take a look around at some of the other projects, we come here to be inspired!

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