…have we met?

Oh right yes, I’m supposed to be posting on this here blog on a somewhat regular basis but have recently fallen off the wagon.

Sorry about that. I know I’m not the first blogger to post one of these “Sorry I’m not posting, please keep reading my old content” posts, however I do still feel awful that it’s happening. It does not help that my project gallery is still a mess (and super old), I promise I am working on that. Or rather, I have someone working on that. It will be better than ever, I promise.

You may or may not know that blogging is not my only gig. I have a few other side jobs-one of which needed to take priority for a couple of weeks and maybe a few more. So lack of time for house-y things= lack of posts. Also I am still being rained out every 2-3 days for the major exterior project I’m doing. Yes I did just blame Mother Nature. And I’m trying really hard not to just start a new project because I know I will decide it’s more fun and abandon the decks. Which cannot happen.

On the list of more excuses is the fact that I signed up for a race in July, so I’ve been working out a lot. It sometimes results in me sitting down on the couch and not getting up again. Please tell me you can relate. I’m a little nervous about racing because it’s been about 4 years since I last did one. But come on, how could I resist this? I’m totally DIYing a Tron costume for it. #nerdalert

So now that we’ve established that I haven’t been blogging (because it’s not painfully obvious), what I can tell you is that I have been Instagramming! If you don’t already follow me on there and really would like to know what ridiculousness happens when I’m not blogging, feel free :) It’s @lovelycrafty (or here). You will find loads of pet pictures, food pictures, Crossfit lingo, and unnecessary hashtags there. #iknowhowtousethembutdontcare





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  1. Julie

    I’ll still be here when you have time to post! That race looks awesome, by the way, now I’m looking for one near me.

  2. Jodi Blackmon

    It’s cool. I have been so busy and trying to blog at least once a week, but it’s getting harder with all my projects…and life. Know how you feel.


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