You guys.

I am seriously so excited to be able to offer this giveaway to you because it is SO AWESOME. The folks at The Home Depot and Proctor & Gamble have teamed up for the #BountyChallenge, and they were so kind to let me in on the fun. Ya’ll know I love getting messy around here.

No matter what I’m doing, it always ends up looking like a bomb went off in my house. I try to be one of those people that cleans as I go, but it’s just not natural for me. Plus, I don’t like stopping in the middle of my “flow” to clean. Come on, I know you can relate. The timing of this challenge couldn’t have been more perfect because I am already in the trenches with my deck project. I might have mentioned it to you over the last couple of weeks that I have started using Behr Deckover on my (4) decks/porches, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. With all the stopping and starting of rain, I have to constantly clean up! Literally I have to wash all my brushes and rollers every day because the weather shifts.

I would say that I decided to put Bounty to the test for this project, but the truth is that I already use Bounty so I know it’s awesome :) So I’ll just tell you about how I use it because it might be a little…um…odd? Did you expect anything less?

bountychallenge 1

I set up my paint like this once a loooong time ago, and seriously this is what I do all the time now. I have no explanation except that it works for me. I don’t even know if this is sanctioned use of a paper towel. But what I do know is that when I’m painting the trim in my house for the 100 billionth time, I drag the can and slide the rest of the set up all around with me. I like to paint right from the can in most cases (I know, bad) as well as stir intermittently. The Bounty slides easily on the floor without tearing, and it keeps rogue paint from dripping through to the floor.

Then- when I’m done painting- I wash my brush and do this. Every. Single. Time.

bountychallenge giveaway

I discovered one day that leaving the brush to dry directly on the sink left a spot of rust behind, so this was my solution and I’ve been doing it that way ever since. You’re impressed, I can tell. We all have our strengths, and innovative paper towel use just happens to be mine.

bounty challenge giveaway

So, are you ready to hear what the #BountyChallange prize pack has in store for ONE lucky winner?!

The Prize Pack:

2 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels

$250 Home Depot gift card

YES $250 to buy a bunch of things at The Home Depot to make a giant mess and then Bounty paper towels to clean it up! 

Please enter using the rafflecopter widget below! Good luck!!

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80 Responses

  1. Claudia

    what a great give away! I could use to help to get my screened in porch underway…


  2. Arnaldo

    Living with two guys can get prettt messy… I have been using Bounty since before I was able to buy my own groceries. I never settle for anything less! Now, if only the raffle gods smile in my favor, so I can buy some new project supplies for the house!

  3. Tracy

    Moving soon—already looking at paint colors! This would be great for painting the school room!

  4. Kelly D

    I would like to finish our basement and turn it into a computer room/playroom for the kids.

  5. Janet

    I have a list of things I could use at Home Depot (hubby needs a new lawn wagon/cart!) and of course Bounty comes in handy at any time!

  6. Kimberley

    We are moving soon, and I have some cool ideas that a gift card would make happen. Great giveaway.

  7. Mary Happymommy

    I would reorganize my homeschool room. We really need new shelves and storage bins. Thanks!

    • Rachael Evans

      Thanks for noticing Kyle :) It’s cordovan brown on the bottom and cape cod grey on the rails.

  8. jenna

    We have lots of projects. Thus would definitely help us get started!

  9. Beth young

    My parents house needs some work or painting, fixing the shower in one bathroom and the sink in another.

  10. Danielle

    With a baby on the way, the hubs and I have a laundry list of projects we want to get done before we’re too exhausted to think!

  11. Erika W.

    We are getting ready to move into our first house so I’d be doing lots of painting, DIY decor crafts and more!

  12. Jennifer S

    I need to paint about 50% of my old farmhouse and tear out the plaster + lathe in one room. A very messy job!

  13. Camille

    I’m in the process of selecting new colors for 2 of our bedrooms. Ahhhh, Bounty! Have used and loved it for years!

  14. Stephanie C

    Bounty are the only paper towels I buy. They’re great for so many tasks!!

  15. Leslie Ross

    Oh man – that would definitely help with my bathroom remodel! New flooring or sink, maybe???

  16. Erica

    I have so many things to do at my house… Just don’t know where to start. $250 at home depot would get the ball rolling!!

  17. Karen V

    I also use Bounty every day. It is my go-to cleaner upper. And I love Home Depot. Could spend hours in there. Winning these gifts would be fantastic.

  18. Lisa Brown

    I would repaint the iron and glass table that is our on my side yard, needs restoration.

  19. Kristen

    The options are endless here :) We would probably use it to rebuild our home office though. Thank you for the chance!

  20. Grace

    We have wood trim and stairs on our deck that need to be re-stained. We love all the Behr painting and staining products. We have been fans for years. Thanks Home Depot for carrying great products.

  21. Carly

    Oh so many projects to be done, and with the new munchkin not much $$ to do little projects.

  22. Katie Contests

    We just redid our deck, so we’d use the towels for cleanup and the gc for some new furniture!

  23. jesse

    moving to a new state with nothing but your dog was ruff (pun intended), turning your very first apt into a home has been more of a challenge yet has made me channel my inner crafter. between learning to cook and one very messy spastic dog we go throw lots of paper towels and often times start just to restart projects, could use some help making it all come together :)

  24. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would get a light fixture in my dining room and repaint one of the walls for a dramatic, modern feel

  25. Brecken

    I have an old house and messy kids….need i say more?? Thanks for the chance to win!!

  26. hausfrauChelsea

    GAH! I love bounty paper towels. We have a 1 year old and a lil dog. They are used at least daily!

    I’d use the gift card to reface my fireplace. In dire need of an update.

  27. Aleta

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would use the gift card to purchase paint for my deck.

  28. Bernadette

    I love your writing style! I’ve been collecting old boards to paint pithy sayings. Paper towels are now a must have after reading this post!

  29. Jessica @ FickleSubmarine

    I have been following you for a while, but have recently changed my blog name (formerly We are near the end of the conversion of a barn into a house and will be moving in at the end of this month. I would use this Home Depot prize to purchase materials to build some furniture and would use the Bounty paper towels to stain the furniture and clean up the big mess I am sure I will make in the building and staining process. Bounty is the ONLY paper towel brand we use in our home.

  30. Linda Jordan

    My husband and I are getting ready to install and back deck and fence…both of which we plan to paint/stain! Oh how I could use that gift card and bounty!! :)

  31. Jonathan Baker

    I’d love to use it to help clean up when we repaint our bathroom!

  32. Sandy

    Rachael, love your blog! Read it daily. I’ve been a huge fan of Bounty for years & years. What a fun way to celebrate Independence Day!

  33. Rory Reding

    I love Bounty paper towels. They seriously are way more durable than other brands…anyone with kids/pets/home…ok..all of us…knows this!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. danielle

    Great giveaway! I need to paint our front railing and get a new light fixture for our dining room! ;)

  35. Lisa

    Love your blog and Bounty too. And I could have so much fun in Home Depot with that gift card. I’m thinking maybe a paint sprayer.

  36. Peggy D

    I have loads of projects to do, but the first one I’d do is painting the living room


  37. Amy

    If I win the gift cards and paper towels, I will clean my whole house (because I use bounty for basically everything) and then go bananas at the depot, supermarket sweep style! Pick me!

  38. Meghan Finley

    I’d redo my office into a bedroom with a mural on a wall. Always wanted to do that

  39. Grace

    Messiest cleaning job is when your cleaning the inside of the
    refrigerator that has turned into a science project!
    I need the Home Depot GIFT CARD to by more
    Bounty Paper Towels!!!!!

  40. Hannah

    We are just moving into our first home. It’s already a fabulous house but I have an itch to make it even better. I want to make and paint a planter to hang off of our deck!

  41. Alycia

    For my next project, I want to do paper bag flooring in my basement, I just need to get brave enough to actually do it! :)

  42. Holly B

    I’m planning to try a neat geometric wall pattern project when we move to our new place.

  43. Jenn McClearn

    I would “help” my husband install heat in our basement

  44. Leidy

    My kids room would be our project, it already needs a new paint job and my girls would be so excited to give their room a make over


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