Now that I’ve spilled the beans about attending my first music festival over Halloween, I have to share my plan for a DIY costume!

But I also want to see what YOU are planning for Halloween, so link up your fall inspired projects and Halloween ideas/costumes to the party too!

Typically I do dress up every year for our annual Halloween party, so I’m no stranger to making my own (and usually the hubs’ costume). Sadly this year we won’t be hosting a party, obviously, so I have a little more time to make an extra effort on mine. After a few weeks of thinking about what to be, I decided on an owl 1) because I love owls, they are all over my house and 2) feathers are fun.

Obviously an owl has to have wings, but I wanted to avoid the large-stiff-wire-like variety for fear of being a general nuisance in a crowd. I did a quick search around Pinterest to see if I could find any examples and came across a few versions using felt “feathers” on a cape like piece of fabric. I took a cue from this tutorial at Natty Jane Sews, except I used real feathers!

I decided to lay out the feathers in a few different arrangements to see which one I liked best. I’m 100% sure that none of the options are actually representative of any real-life owl. Methinks no one will notice.

feather arrangement 1

feather arrangement 2

feather arrangement 3

I liked the totally random look the best, with the spotted feathers sprinkled throughout. I decided ultimately that sewing the feathers on would be the most fail-safe idea, since I’d be traveling with this costume and won’t really be able to fix it on site. It actually didn’t take as long as you might think. I just sewed them in rows, backstitching several times over each one then adding another.

owl wing costume

diy feather owl wing costume


I’ve only finished one, just because I ran out of feathers and had to go out and get more. I think it took me a couple of hours to do one wing-not too bad considering it would take at least that long to cut feathers out of felt!

DIY feather wings

So now it’s your turn! Remember to visit some of the other links and show some love!

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  1. Cathy

    Rachel, this costume is going to be amazing – love that you are using real feathers. Thank you for hosting the party – have a great rest of the weekend. Cathy

  2. Niki

    i’m looking into making my own owl wings. where did you purchase the fathers you used?


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