With this part two post (following up from earlier in the week), I think I may be the world’s greatest supporter of faux floral.

You probably still think I’m crazy, but I’m just rolling with it.

I love flowering branches, which I also happen to think are some of the more realistic varieties of faux stems you can buy. But the really super nice ones can be pricey. So, in order to make the arrangement I had in mind for the porch, I bought 2 of the nicest stems, 3 moderately realistic looking ones, and 2 don’t-look-too-closely versions. To add to the fullness, I also used real curly willow branches (bare) that I have collected over the years.

red buds in boots


What do you think? Can you spot the difference?

Spring Boots Front Porch

I also put out the rest of my flowers from the door hanging, until I can get a cute little plant to put in that container.

spring front porch


Anyone else supporting my obsession? I’m trying to start a legit trend here people!

2 Responses

  1. Janet

    Very pretty and very Spring-like! I can’t tell much difference from the pics. They look great!

  2. Sandy

    Makes me sooooo ready for Spring! I love your porch….too cute!
    The flowers all look real, and without up close inspection, they all
    look alike! Great job!!!!!


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