You know how I like to hoard pillows. I believe the proper term is “pillow farming.” So I was excited when Tulip For Your Home asked me to try their stencils and fabric paints on a pillow cover!

tulip stencils and paint 1

The pillow cover idea is genius because I can change the look of a pillow I already have instead of buying more!

After playing around with different layouts, I decided to use the paisley and bird stencils. I loved the way that part of the paisley stencil looked like leaves, so I wanted to experiment with using only those areas of the stencil. I have to confess that I’m pretty bad at stenciling – I was a little scared actually, but the project turned out great. Trust me, anyone can do this!!

tulip stencil adhesive

The Tulip stencil adhesive is legit. Great sticking power, but still repositionable. I used it to stick paper on the areas of the stencil I didn’t want to use.

modifying the stencil

Then I mixed up my paint. To fit in with the colors in my guest room, I wanted the pillow to be green and purple. Good thing I remembered that blue + yellow = green!

mixing paint colors

To keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side, I stuffed the center with some paper. Then I hit the stencil with another spray of adhesive and placed it on the pillow cover. When you roll on a stencil, you’ll want to keep the brush pretty dry and apply even pressure. You don’t want to load up your roller with paint because it might bleed under the stencil!

stenciling a pillow case

Once that area dried, I moved the stencil to cover the other two corners of the pillow and repeated the process.

tulip stencil project

Then I went around the pillow and added “leaves” here and there until I had a fairly solid printed fabric look.

stenciled pillow cover

I was really loving the way it turned out! So obviously the next step was to put a bird on it (a la Portlandia). The pink and blue made the perfect magenta color when I mixed them. At the last minute I decided to leave out one of the branches on the stencil so I taped a piece of paper over it.

layering stencils on fabric

A few more rolls, and the pillow cover was done!

diy stenciled pillow

I think it’s pretty darn cute and very Spring-y!

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I partnered with Tulip for this project, for full disclosure policy please click HERE

5 Responses

  1. Debbie

    I really like the way you made it look like leaves! I think this is one even I could handle lol =)

  2. Michal

    Dear God in Heaven, I love this craft and appreciate the tutorial, as I need to do this on some curtains I’m planning on making, but I HAVE TO HAVE THAT SPRINGER SPANIEL PICTURE ON THE WALL. Where did you find it? Holy cow.

    • Rachael Evans

      Aw thank you!! I got that painting at Goodwill a few years ago, I love it too :)

  3. Julie

    So cool! I especially love that color combination right now, too!


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