I finally decided to do something about our ho hum dining set. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really good to us. We picked up this solid wood set from Craigslist for $150 when we first moved to Asheville in 2006. It’s sturdy and the perfect size for our dining area. Eventually I think we’ll get to a point where we need a leaf or 6 person table, but here’s a secret- I’m not really ready to replace it yet. Maybe it’s the fact that it was one of our first home purchases together (even before we were married!), or just the fact that we eat on it, entertain around it, and even work together at it (Mike on a laptop and me crafting), but I’m just not willing to part with it yet. And trust me, up until now it was not my style AT ALL. I never really liked light colored wood. But I’m starting to see the beauty of it, with a few modifications of course.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with the two tone natural and painted wood look. I think it’s sophisticated yet casual, and it’s super easy to do. You can’t beat the high end finish-straight from the Pottery Barn Farmhouse collection.

Here’s a refresher on what my set looks like now

You see how the table and the floor are so similar in tone that they almost blend together? I want the table to make a statement, since it’s such an important part of our life.

The plan: Paint the chairs and the pedestal base in my fav color, Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze (for spray painting tips, see this post). Sand and refinish the top with a stain closer to the color of the buffet (maybe Minwax Special Walnut 224?) I’ll clear coat the crap out of everything- this furniture takes some heavy wear, and I’d like to see my work last awhile.

The darker finish of the chairs will make them pop against the floor, and also tie in with the bronze-y bar stools at the counter. But the natural wood top will still give you that rustic farmhouse feel. If all goes well, it will look professional enough to fetch a good price down the line when it is time to upgrade.

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