After reassessing the functions that my old office had to meet, we decided that most of my crafting things probably needed to move to the basement to make room for an occasional air mattress upstairs.

Would you move into this?

Yup, right there where all the shelves and litterboxes are…that’s my new craft area! I know you are just as excited as I am.

Well wait a minute, I think I can see the grand vision. Pretend there is nothing there (except one hardworking husband).

And now with the rug and all of my “stuff” over there.

Ok, I realize that it may still be hard to see the grand vision-but this is a definite improvement. And now that those shelves are gone (to be reworked into an under-the-stairs closet…stay tuned), I can finally finish putting up some insulation. The hubbs says no to drywalling at this point (we just have too many other projects going on), so now I just have to figure out a way to camouflage the studs. My solution? I turn again to my good friend: the painter’s drop cloth. I won’t be making curtains this time, just stapling the fabric along the tippy top of the studs.

Maybe you’re skeptical, but I’m not the first person to cover walls with curtain-like material.

In fact, DIY online has a whole tutorial on this! I’ll also be painting the desk white and integrating it with a pantry type cabinet set up in the corner for storing my supplies. With a desk lamp and some accessories, I think it will be a surprisingly bright and cheerful space, considering its location.

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Want to see more before shots? Click here!

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  1. Rachael

    Great idea! We already planned to get one for the balcony off the dining room, but one down in the basement would be nice too (especially since we don’t run the heat/AC down there)


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