I have been thinking about what color to paint our bedroom for weeks now, with no flash of inspiration in sight. But whatever goes on the walls is going to have to cover this color.

Primer, anyone? I think the existing color is literally blinding me from new ideas. With my soft lime and cream bedding, pops of blue, and future whitewashed farmhouse bed, I want a background that will tie everything together.

But don’t forget I have those pieces of dark walnut furniture!

So we’ve got white (future bed and chair), cream/canvas (curtains and bedding), lime (bedding and chair), blue (accessories and chair), and walnute (furniture). I’m considering an ever so soft buttery yellow or a touch of celery. Maybe even the slightest of blue?

What do you think? What color would you paint your room with this color palette?

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  1. tellerallaboutit


    Just stopped over from YHL’s FB page and thought I’d say that your instincts are probably spot on. I’d stick with lighter tones of your celery-blue-ish colors (in a gray-ish tone like your beautiful inspiration photo!).

    Good luck!

    Tell’er All About It

  2. Rachael

    Lindsay- Thanks so much!! I am definitely thinking a grayish tone-so funny because I totally have a grey in my office and didn’t even think about it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Rachael

    Jenn-I did briefly stroll to the brownish-tan section of the paint swatches yesterday! There is the tiniest bit of brown actually worked in with the cream pattern on the comforter. But I was worried that brown would be too heavy with the walnut furniture. Although it might be a great accent wall behind the headboard or something. Ack, I can’t decide! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


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