If you’ve read my recent post regarding some mistakes I made with the living room, you might have a good idea of where I’m heading here.

First I’ll give you a little tour of what it looks like now.

It’s not horrible, but it lacks finesse-something that’s taken a few years of reading and pouring over magazines looking for inspiration. So here’s the plan:

1) Move the red couch to the wall where the TV currently resides. Interestingly enough, when we first bought the house this was the intended place for the couch but it never made it there….

2) Add seating in the form of a small love seat or a couple of accent chairs

3) Move the TV to the corner where the recliner is

4) And that leaves the recliner…well, after 3 years it’s time to say goodbye. I suggested putting it in the basement, but Mike thought he wouldn’t use it down there and it would be really difficult to move it up or down stairs. So, we decided to try and find another home for it and use the money towards the makeover.

5) Add curtains, and rearrange wall art.

6) Find a new accent type wall piece instead of those tic tac toe shelves.

7) Replace the geometric rug with a natural fiber rug like jute or seagrass.

So, there’s the plan-stay tuned for updates!

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