Maybe you read my post about painting kitchen cabinets and had an inkling that I might be doing some kitchen projects soon.

Well, guess what- I am!

It all started with one look at this to die for white kitch.

I love the brightness of this room, it just looks so clean and inviting. So I thought maybe I’d like to take my kitchen from its Bistro days to something a little more classic. So what does that involve exactly? Well, let’s take a look.

Since my kitchen and dining area open to each other, they really needed to be considered together.

The first step is to continue the light wall color over to the walls painted red. This is “Burnished Clay” by Behr. Because the red is so vibrant, I’ll be using Behr’s Ultra Paint-and-Primer-In-One to save on time and coats!

Next I’ll try my hand at tiling a backsplash- and after much indecision, I’ve decided on a brick style travertine.

I had been considering a slate tile, but I think when it comes down to it, the travertine has more mass appeal for later resale. Plus, it will be more neutral so I can change up my decor more easily (given my history, you know).

After tiling, I may take a break…but if I still have some motivation, I’ll say goodbye to my light maple contractor stock cabinets and hello to creamy white doors with some character. I haven’t yet decided if I want to play around with a two tone look (as in, painting the bottom and top differently-or painting the bottom only and leaving the top alone).

And, you know that boring counter I have?

I’ll be covering it with some bead board painted to match, and finish with some base molding.

So, are you a white kitchen fan, or does it scream sterile and boring to you? I think the interest comes in the details, whether it’s retro hardware, colorful accents, or textures like bead board.

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  1. Julie Thomas

    I love a white kitchen — I have one. I will say that I think you’re incredibly brave to consider painting your cabinets! And very wise to do the walls first and see what you think before you plunge in.

    Good luck with your project. I’m looking forward to following your progress and seeing the final results!


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