No, I’m not pregnant (sorry, mom!)

But we did recently acquire another body in the house.

You may recognize the beast on the right as our very own Millie, but her brother-from-another-mother on the left is new to us. His name is Mason- formerly-Lobo-formerly-Hercules. Just Mason, for short. We picked him up from the shelter September 30th with the help of my friend Robbie from WNC Boxer Rescue. Robbie has been trying to convince me to foster for his rescue pretty much since the beginning, and he finally won. So Mason has found a home with us for at least a few months, and he’s making the most of it. Having both another dog and cats, we have the ability here to test him in a variety of situations to determine the best forever home for him.

Mason is very polite, he is the only animal who ever laid on the dog bed more than once.

It took about 3 days to figure out he was allowed on the couch. Then, it was downhill from there.

Pretty soon he was making himself at home.

It wasn’t long before he wiggled his way into our hearts (and laps!).

Look at this face! (his, not mine)

Mason  likes sleeping in on the weekend, like someone else I know.

He’s also quite fond of Millie, she does make a great pillow…

Mason is a great dog, and we’ve enjoyed having him with us as a foster. His loving nature has not been dimmed at all, despite several traumatic events. He was hit by a car a few years ago and was unable to walk for a year. Now he runs and jumps with the best of them, but evidence of an arthritic hip can be seen on x-rays. This doesn’t slow him down at all, he always greets us with enthusiasm when we come home. We found out that Mason was given up by his original owners at age 7 to some “friends” who either lost him or dropped him off at the shelter shortly after getting him. He was there for 3 weeks and was about to be euthanized.¬† As if he hasn’t been dealt enough bad cards, Mason has heartworms-and people are very reluctant to adopt a HW positive dog because it is fairly expensive to treat. If left untreated, this is a death sentence on its own. We want Mason to live a long and healthy life, and that’s why we need your help! His poor heart is already showing signs of damage, so he really needs to begin treatment soon. We have set up a Chip In site where you can donate to help us get Mason healthy again. If he has touched your hearts like he has ours, please donate. Every little bit counts.

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