When I first laid eyes on this beauty from Stephanie at Under the Table and Dreaming, I had to have one.

This is one of those fake out projects that looks really impressive, but is relatively simple to do. However if you’re thinking you can bang it out in a few hours- think again. It took me about 15 hours altogether, but the end result is TOTALLY worth it. It’s the perfect craft for a marathon TV series bender, you know like 1 or 2 seasons in a row.

Super inexpensive, this wreath cost me more in glue sticks than anything else.  I got a couple of books from the free bin at a used bookstore and bought 2 books at $1/each. It took A LOT of pages. My 18″ wreath was $9.99, but I used a 40% off coupon. I went through almost 2 large bags of mini glue sticks (like $7/ea, I already had some though)

Here’s a materials breakdown:

  • Foam wreath form (I used the white flat kind, but you can also use the rounded green one-just paint it white before you start)
  • Glue sticks and glue gun (use the low temperature stuff, your fingers will thank you!)
  • Scissors
  • 3-4 books, depending on the size of your wreath
  • Ribbon to hang it from

I think it’s easier to cut a bunch of paper first, then make flowers, then put a bunch of flowers on at once…but you may find you like to do them one at a time. To make the flowers, start by drawing spirals on the top page of small stack (anywhere from 3-6 layers). I like varying the number of layers and the size of the spiral so that my rosettes are all unique.

Cut along your lines, until you have a spiral snake.

Starting from the outside of the spiral, begin rolling your pages into a cone shape. I usually did a few wraps pretty tight, then I started loosening them up a bit. I like to glue as I roll to keep the thing from falling apart, sometimes even gluing in between the layers. Don’t worry if your layers start to fan, it ends up giving it a really nice look.

You really can’t mess this up! Once you get to the end, the tail acts as a base, holding it all together.


Slowly but surely, you’ll make it around.

I did the top first, then moved to the outer edge, then inner edge, then back. Technically you could get away with not doing the back if you think it will always be on a wall. Since I’m hanging mine on a mirror, the back is actually reflected at certain angles and becomes really obvious. Oh well, the price of designer taste, eh?

I found this awesome burlapy/jute ribbon which I used to hang the wreath over the mirror in our dining room. It would be perfect for a covered porch as well (which we don’t have…)


I love love love it! Even though I was kicking myself for buying the biggest wreath in the store (naively exclaiming “Go big or go home!” at the time of purchase), I’m definitely happy with the results. It’s a really nice element that can move from room to room or season to season.

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45 Responses

  1. Christie

    Wow! This is awesome. I want one. Sometimes I wish there was a way for me to bookmark all of your good ideas so that I could remember that I wanted to do them somewhere down the road.

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Thanks Christie! I actually bookmark links in my browser in a folder called crafts :) Then when I get the bug, I go through and look at them all!

  2. Amy with Good Day!

    I love it! I love it! I love it! I was so motivated to finish mine after I saw your photo that I worked until I ran out of glue sticks. It is almost complete and I could not be happier with the results. I have to admit, I cursed your name once or twice for finding this project and getting me stated on it :) but I am so glad I pressed on—-never would have made it this far without the low temp glue gun. Thanks man!

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      I totally ran out of glue sticks also!! I went through a little bag and I’m now into another big bag! I cursed myself a few times, believe me haha. Can’t wait to see yours!!

  3. Amy

    I love yours. I also made one after I saw under the table and dreaming post hers. I have received more compliments on this wreath than any other.
    Come on over to my blog if you would like to see mine. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Christine

    I have been seeing lots of crafts lately using book pages. I am completely enamored with your wreath! I must admit, I don’t think I would have the patience…..

  5. Linda

    This really turned out so gorgeous! Your time and effort were definitely worth it! Hopped over from Boardwalk Bragfest!

  6. autumn

    i LOVE this…you did a fantastic job taking some totally ordinary things and transforming them into something beautiful!


    that hot glue gun is a real burner… have several my self… skin gone lol
    i am going todoone of these wreaths but have to wait till fingers heal..
    tks for showing us how.

    edna salter nc