I finally bit the bullet and painted the downstairs bathroom…with stripes.

Remember my mood board?

Until now, I’ve been such a hypocrite. I suggest stripes to just about everyone who asks me for decorating advice-but I had never actually done it myself. Now that I have, I can say with certainty a few things:

  1. This will take more time than you think it will.
  2. You will find yourself confused about which side of the tape is what color.
  3. You may curse the fact that you ever started this project.

I already had some leftover paint, which made starting this project a weeeeee bit easier, but here’s what you’ll need to get the job done:

  • Paint (2 colors)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Laser level (a cheapo is about $20 and will save you time)
  • Mini rollers and tray
  • Large rollers and tray
  • Chalk
  • Tape measure

First things first, paint your room with one of your colors- preferably the one you think will be covered best by the other one (if that makes sense). Let’s call this “color A”. Next, decide on a stripe width. I did this by measuring my space, about 324″. An even number of stripes will give you the right alternating pattern of colors. I started with 4″, but that left me with 81. So on a whim I tried 6, which ended up being perfect. Once I knew 6″ would give me an even number of stripes, I began marking them around the room to make sure everything came out right. I HIGHLY suggest doing this before getting into taping. Just put a dot every X inches and repeat “color A” and “color B” around the room until you feel like you’re a little crazy. When you get to a corner, just wrap your stripe. If you come to an obstacle that leaves you with a sliver of a stripe, you can always fudge that over.  I found out that on the last wall I’d need to add about 1/8th of an inch extra into each stripe. But I could have ended up with one VERY wide stripe at the end if I hadn’t gone through this process.

Once you have your marks up, you can begin taping. I just used cheapo laser level that sticks to the wall. I lined it up with my mark, then made sure it was level and pushed it onto the wall. Using chalk, I marked the line every few inches. I DO NOT recommend using pencil. I did for most of my walls, and then found out that it didn’t erase/wash/scrub off. I’m not sure if it was because I used a mechanical pencil or not. But, chalk works great and comes off without a fuss. When you tape, you want the tape to be inside most of the stripe you just painted (color A). For some reason the taping was really confusing for me. Admitting that is embarrassing, but if any of you try this and get frustrated-I want you to know you’re not alone!

After you’ve figured out your tape, use color A to paint over the tape in the stripe you will be painting with color B. Yes, you’re going to paint another coat inside a stripe that you will paint again with a different color. It sounds weird, but this will help you get a clean line by sealing the tape. Once that dries, you can then paint the stripe again with color B. I did two coats and ripped the tape off immediately upon completing the second coat. Once I saw that first stripe, I WAS IN LOVE.

I want to have a party in my bathroom.

Now it’s not completely done (I still have to hang art, get a new shower curtain, etc.), but here’s a sneak peak.

{The mirror will be hung and the outlet switch plate replaced…}

My new word is posh. My bathroom is posh.

You may notice that I painted all the fixtures with Oil Rubbed Bronze. I’m planning to paint the faucet also. The mirror was only $20 from Ross, do you think I should leave it black or paint it white? Another color? What do you think of the stripes? Maybe I’m partial, but they are rocking my world!

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  1. Katie Nail

    Loving your stripes!!!! It makes me want to go paint some somewhere! I have heard that the taping can be confusing, thanks for the helpful tips!

  2. Katie Nail

    Loving your stripes!!!! It makes me want to go paint some somewhere! I have heard that the taping can be confusing, thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Thanks!! It is Behr’s Burnished Clay (like the rest of our first floor) and Behr’s Painter’s White.

      • Lovely Crafty Home

        Oh I should mention these colors are the Behr Ultra paint/primer in one. You can have them color matched to anything, but you won’t find them in the regular Behr swatches.

  3. Amy @ this DIY life

    I found your blog last weekend and am loving it!!! Totally agree with you on all of your 4 things to know. It did take longer, it was a pain, but it was worth it. I convinced one of my friends to paint her stripes not in another color but a different sheen. Her guest bedroom is yellow. The paint is a satin finish and then we used a semi-gloss polyeurethane to do the stripes. Very stunning and subtle stripes all at the same time. Crazy!

    Another stripey story: We were moving just before our anniversary, my husband spent all day at work and ended up in the doghouse. To make it up to me, he gave no objections to whatever I wanted to paint in the office/creative space. Purple (S-W Mesmerize) and green (S-W Leapfrog) it is hon! We lived with those random sized purple, green and white stripes for over 5 years before we moved. Not once did I tire of them or want to paint over them…and not once did he blow off another anniversary…6 years later :)

  4. Meg

    The stripes are pretty awesome. I’ll admit! They look amazing. You did a wonderful job! I have to say, the tape would’ve totally confused me, too! ;) I think the mirror looks great black. It would be a great contrast to your light stripes. Love it all, though!

  5. Lauren

    OMGosh I love the stripes!! I have been wanting to do them, but am too nervous! I’m your newest follower, visiting from TT&J!

  6. Jenna

    Wow, it looks so good, I love the stripes. Thanks for the tips! I’m your newest follower from the Creative bloggers party and hop on Homemaker on a Dime.

  7. Miss Kitty

    I’ve “been meaning” to paint stripes in my bathroom for 5 years! I didn’t know if it was “passe” now but after seeing yours (even in similar colors to what I was thinking about) I know that it is a classic. You did a fabulous job!


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