Still working on my basement craft nook, I thought I’d troll the internet a bit to find some inspiration. I love looking at home office pictures because there are SO many more creative ideas than the words “home office” bring to mind. I’m always amazed at the blending of beauty and function that can be achieved if you’re willing to think outside the box.

For example, I love this cheery yellow guest room/office. Yellow is a color I feel like I am not comfortable using, but I always admire other people’s use of it. Does that make sense?!

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A desk with hutch can be a great way to add character AND storage to an office space.

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Of course when I think of offices, I think more of a creative space like this fun and bright version:

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But I do love a good library office combo. This one at Apartment Therapy has me drooling!

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Here’s a great way to use a corner space- I love the beadboard detailing below the upper cabinets and the fact that they wrap around the corner along with the desk.

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Check out some of these cheap L shaped desks. Speaking of wrapping a corner, this amazing space would make working a pleasure!


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Soooo many options-even though all these spaces are different, they all inspire me in different ways. How do you choose a style that will both inspire you and make you want to¬† be productive at the same time? When it comes to your work space, what’s your style?

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  1. heather

    Great inspiration! Love it all! I am looking for a desk chair for my office space right now.


  2. Suzanne Jackson

    I love pretty office spaces, but don’t have one as yet. I have all the makings of one, if I can just get the time to make it happen! The biggest challenge is that my space is very multipurpose. I blogged about the bookshelf aspect of it here…

    One of my favorite crafty office spaces is pictured about midway through this post: If I created this space, my daughter would immediately hijack it for her own (but the tradeoff is that she would make wonderful things for me)!


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