As summer approaches (I believe it’s the 21st?), I thought I’d talk a minute about one of my favorite warm weather activities: grilling!

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Hahaha yeah…I wish.

Our outdoor kitchen consists of one of those basic round charcoal Weber grills, which has worked great for us the 5ish years we’ve had it. But now I’m feeling like we might need to upgrade. We just need a BIGGER grill with all the parties we’ve been having on our new patio. Some storage space would be nice as well for all the BBQ specific tools- like that giant spatula that you can’t put in a kitchen drawer. The Weber Genesis grills are grills + storage cart, which would definitely suit our needs. I love that the genesis e310 comes in a sweet green finish- this ain’t your momma’s grill (or mine, for that matter)! I’m a little worried about switching to propane though, to be honest!

When it comes to the grill, are you a propane or charcoal kind of person?

I find that along with questions like coke or pepsi, people seem to be very polarized on this issue. I can appreciate both sides- the instant gratification of the propane is clearly a huge benefit while the charcoal imparts a flavor that can’t be duplicated. But, patience is a virtue I don’t have-shocking I know. Maybe we’ll seriously think about going for the propane. Where do you stand on this? Do you have a preference? How about sharing your favorite grilling recipe to get us started this summer!

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  1. Amy @ this DIY life

    My favorite grill recipe is Juicy Lucys. We’re kind of addicted to them this year and they are so easy. For those who don’t know, a Juicy Lucy is a hamburger stuffed with cheese. We go a little further and add bacon or mushrooms or something and we also like to switch up the cheeses. Our favorite this year is Havarti and bacon. Soooo nummy!

    And of course, charcoal and Pepsi all the way! There are other options?

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      LOL Amy!! I’m a Diet Coke addict myself :)
      Those Juicy Lucys sound great…never heard that name before!

  2. amanda

    Love the speed of propane, but charcoal has a taste you cant beat! One of my favorite recipies for the grill (i have only done this on propane, but i am sure would work on charcoal) is smoked sausage, yellow squash, zuchinni,and potatoes (new potatoes work great but any will do) all chopped up, seasoned with butter (or fake butter spray), lowery’s seasoning salt,and cavendar’s greek seasoning, wrapped in foil packet, and grilled on low for 30-40 mins. easy and delicious!!! (also good if you add onions and or bell peppers)

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Wow Amanda that sounds incredible. I love grilled veggies so I will definitely try this one!

  3. Janet

    They have larger charcoal grills out there. There is nothing as good as charcoal, but I have never had the patience for it and have used propane for years. It is still good and a lot faster.


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