If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of “paper” projects. My scrap booking days ended in high school, and I’m just not all that good with it. Some people have a natural gift and are able to create beautiful embellished cards or other super awesome crafts. For some reason I just can’t get creative when I see the wall-o-paper at the store.

But one day I saw a vase of these at my friend Amy’s house and had to have them!


Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

(click image for tutorial)

I was literally amazed that they were made of paper! I didn’t know you could do these kinds of things! Amy patiently helped me make my own, despite the fact that I have the scissor skills of a 4 year old (I am left handed, but learned to use them with my right hand…) and limited tracing ability. It turned out ok though, as I was highly motivated. I wanted to use them in my new guest bathroom. At some point, I’d had some pink flowers in there and loved the navy and pink combo. I thought these beauties would make great 3d wall art. With some leftover pallet wood, I made 2 plaques (one larger than the other). I still have to add hanging hardware, but to show you how it looks I popped one of the flowers on with some tape and leaned it against the wall.

Here’s a close- up of the flower itself (beware, these are kind of addicting…you’ll find tons of places to stick them)

Not too bad for a 4 year old, right? And since you know I love doing things on the cheap…when everything is all put together and on the wall, this project will come in at around $6 for the paper and hanging hooks. I can’t wait to get this done and show you the final result in the bathroom reveal!

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