Sorry this has been so long in the making, truthfully it’s been mostly done for awhile now. I was just waiting for some finishing touches to come together before I shared like these paper poppies. If you remember waaaaayyy back when I first started thinking about redoing this bathroom, I mentioned knitting a rug similar to one I saw in a RH catalog.

Let me step away from the reveal for just a second while I divulge a dirty little secret. Ready? We have one cat, and I’m not sure which one (although I do have an idea), who is what I like to call a rogue pee-er. We’ve never caught the cat in the act, but he or she really, really likes to pee on the bathroom rug. I would say this happens about 2 or 3 times a month. So in the washer the rug goes, since I was planning on knitting a new one I just kept washing the old one.

Well, I spent many hours knitting and finished the new rug, only to have it peed on EVERY SINGLE TIME I put it on the floor. No joke. I washed it, put it back, it got peed on. Being hand knit and all, it’s not like I really want to machine wash it on gentle and lay it flat to dry everyday. So, I’m admitting defeat. There is no rug in the bathroom anymore.

Here is the new (sans rug) guest bathroom:


 I replaced the boring contractor stock mirror with a simple thick framed version from Ross. I also oil-rubbed-bronzed the light fixture, towel bars, and hooks.

My paper poppies, mounted on pallet wood and hung (finally!). I also updated the hardware on the vanity:

The hardware, shower curtain, and towels are from Target.

I love the sophistication of the stripes combined with the rustic beachy feel that blue/white combo adds. What do you think? Is it an improvement over this?

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  1. Julie

    I love it! So cute- I did stripes in my powder room recently, too, and I love the feel they give the small space. I went with turquoise accents, but I love your colors, and I am totally going to make those poppies tonight! Great space. Congrats!

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Thank you Julie! I bet the turquoise looks pretty, I love that color!

  2. Amy @ this DIY life

    Love it! It looks great!! We had the same problem with a kitty and the bathroom rug. Try the no scratch spray from Target. Evidently they don’t like that smell in their bathroom either ;)

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Ooohh thanks for the tip Amy…I do have some no scratch stuff and I’ll try that first then see about the Target offering!

  3. Jenna

    Awesome job, love it! And I still want to see the rug! Can you show us?

  4. Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Absolutely!!! Love the shower curtain!!! :) Dang pets huh… We had my in laws little dog for awhile that had that problem… Needless to say I was SO relieved when it was time for her to go home!


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